• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Csm, Davigo: “On the dock? With Mani Pulite reported once a week”


May 6, 2021

“I’m absolutely used” to being in the dock. “When I was in charge of the investigations known as Mani Pulite, I was denounced once a week. I had 36 simultaneous criminal proceedings opened against me before the Brescia Public Prosecutor’s Office, so it doesn’t make any impression on me.” This was stated by former prosecutor Piercamillo Davigo, interviewed in ‘Piazza Pulita’. “They were not verbal, they were Word copies of acts of support to the memory. I have never seen the original documents” said the former prosecutor and former member of the CSM on the minutes that were delivered to him by the deputy prosecutor of Milan, Paolo Storari . “He reported a critical situation to me and gave me the necessary material to make an opinion of it after making sure that it was lawful. I explained that the investigative secret, by express circular of the Board of Governors, is not opposable to the Board of Governors”, he explained And again: “Any formal way would have involved the disclosure of the whole affair and therefore there was the need to inform the members of the presidential committee, because this is what the circulars say, in a direct and safe way” Davigo said in Piazza Pulita , on the minutes received from the deputy prosecutor of Milan, Paolo Storari. “The lack of registration seemed incomprehensible to me,” he stressed. “You cannot do investigative acts if you do not register. Those things required timely investigations”. For Davigo, on the case “it was necessary to do the investigations promptly. In this case, the formal ways could not be followed, the formal way the simplest was to contact the Attorney General. The problem is that the Attorney General was not there, the office was vacant “.” It is not up to me to give such evaluations “said the former prosecutor and former member of the CSM, replying to the question on the CSM case and the Milan prosecutor, Francesco Greco. “The problem is that when one has statements concerning people who occupy important institutional positions … if they are true it is serious, but if they are false it is very serious. So in both cases, it is necessary to investigate quickly to see if they are true or if they are not. To carry out the investigations you have to register and you have to open a procedure, you can’t keep things down for months “, he explained. Davigo then said he did not want to comment on his possible information on the case to the President of the Republic. On Fulvio Gigliotti, the former prosecutor explained that “there was a problem in explaining why I had interrupted all relations with a person , there were a number of things that required caution. And I may even be convinced that someone is a stranger, but you’re in a record being accused of something I can’t tell them. “On whether Davigo’s former secretary would deliver copies of the documents to journalists, the former prosecutor said he could “just say that if it was you, I was not a little surprised, because I have always considered you a totally reliable person”. And “it is obvious” that the former secretary did not do it at his urging. “What sense would it have had to keep all precautions to keep the investigations secret and then disseminate them?”.