• Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Covid, Leali (homeschooling): “Underground schools no vax? It’s an attack on parental education”


Oct 27, 2021

“The criticisms of the clandestine no vax schools are an attack on homeschooling, the result of very little knowledge about parental education which can be chosen by Italian families according to the law”. Even no-vax? “The vaccine is not compulsory for anyone and the green pass is not for students, therefore not even for those who teach at home”. Sergio Leali, president of Laif, one of the main associations in the sector created by the will of some families that implement family education in Italy, spoke to the denunciation of clandestine no vax schools in South Tyrol. a hype. Given the historical moment it is very easy to slip into the exaltation of a phenomenon with negative aspects of these oversized and virtuous choices instead undersized “. “It is not possible to make generalizations without specific knowledge on individual cases – continues Leali – Parental education can be carried out outside the home through parental schools that reproduce the school scheme; or through family education experiences, which have a whole series connections with the community. But always on the basis of two essential pillars sanctioned by article 33 of the Constitution: free sciences in freedom of teaching; and general lines of education identified by the state, indicated at national level in the 2012 curriculum, updated in 2018 regarding the essential and minimum parameters “. There is talk of the possibility of inspections at the so-called clandestine no-vax schools: “This is a police term, an insult to parental education. – he exclaims – Inspections are admissible only if there are problems related to public order. ” verification is first of all that of the annual communication by parents to the school manager or to the mayor on the technical and economic abilities of the family to carry out the education of their children; then that of verifying that the effect of family work has reached those goals and objectives considered Important. Attention – he underlines – not automatically revocable for a rejection of the private exam, just as a school does not close if a pupil has to repeat the year. I want to remember – concludes the president of Laif – that parents are personally responsible and they take on a considerable amount of work, as they do not resort to a strong delegation process as it does lla schooling “. (by Roberta Lanzara)