• Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Covid vaccine, Ilaria Capua: “I took the third dose, I’m happy”


Oct 26, 2021

“I took the third dose, I’m glad I did it.” Professor Ilaria Capua, director of the UF One Health Center at the University of Florida, in DiMarted√¨ mentions her experience being vaccinated with the booster dose against covid. “It feels, it is an additional stimulation, which occurs for many types of vaccine. To those who will do it, I say that it feels”, says the scientist. The picture of the epidemic is characterized by the increase in infections in several countries. “In England there was a zeroing of the measures. We need to put all the tools we have on track. In Italy the epidemic is under control, in other countries the situation is different and the virus continues to circulate. It will continue to do so in the vaccinated people, with mild symptoms, and in unvaccinated people, “he adds.