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The mustache of mr. Monopoly are dyed blue for male prevention


Oct 22, 2021

Talking about male prevention in Italy is no longer a taboo. And even Monopoly, the famous brand of boxed games, goes into action in support of the ‘Follow The Blue’ initiative launched by the Ieo-Monzino Foundation in Milan. Part of the revenues obtained from the sale of Monopoly products in November will be donated to the Foundation and the ‘information and prevention days’ will be promoted. On Wednesday 10, 17 and 24 November, Ieo will open the doors for a series of screenings and free visits dedicated to the male population, which can be booked on the Ieo website. During these days, you can find out about environmental and genetic risks by speaking directly with a urologist specialist available to patients, and you can also be examined for free. Even in our country, therefore, November becomes the month dedicated to human health. A theme that is very often ‘snubbed’ and left in the background because it is considered ‘uncomfortable to deal with’, but whose numbers speak for themselves: men live on average 5 years less than women and face the deepest problems, such as illness, in solitude. And while 70% declare that friends can count on him, only 48% rely on a friend. Hence the need to inform and sensitize everyone in a widespread way, starting with fathers, a reference point for their children and essential support throughout their life path: taking care of one’s health is a fundamental gesture towards oneself and a true act of love towards the people closest to you, starting with your children. TvBoy turns on the spotlight on the theme to take it to the streets of the cities and for all to see. For the occasion, the Italian street artist famous all over the world, has created a very significant work that symbolizes the relationship between two generations and underlines the importance of prevention not only for themselves, but also for their loved ones, identified right in the new generations. The protagonists of the work are Leonardo Da Vinci, a point of reference for past generations, and a child with a still uncertain future who, with a symbolic gesture, colors his mustache with blue. A simple and direct way to represent with an image how much love for your children passes from taking care of your own person, a fundamental prerequisite for living and creating happy memories together with those you love. An art tribute, positioned along Milan’s Naviglio Grande, which is a candidate to become a symbol of the Follow The Blue campaign and of the path that the Ieo-Monzino Foundation and Monopoly have undertaken for the first time together. are only the symbol of ‘Follow The Blue’, but also the most recognizable element of Mr. Monopoly, who on this special occasion are tinged with blue precisely to emphasize how the brand of records is capable of a unique magic: always uniting different generations in front of something that is much more than just a game, it is an ecosystem of memories and emotions in the family that everyone carries in their hearts and keeps inexorably linked to each other. Throughout the month of November, anyone will be able to support the work carried out by the doctors and researchers of the Ieo, an international excellence, to protect men’s well-being and health: by purchasing any Monopoly product, part of the proceeds will be donated to the new Ieo “genetic screening” useful for offering personalized prevention paths. On Wednesdays dedicated to prevention, it will be possible to access a complete consultation and a free individual examination aimed at all men who want to do prevention and make a gesture of love for themselves and their loved ones.

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