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Mudimed is born, the first digital museum on the history of the scientific method


Oct 21, 2021

Bringing citizens, especially the younger ones, closer to scientific culture and its method is the goal of Mudimed, the first digital museum in the history of the scientific method in medicine, presented today at the Ministry of Culture. An exclusive virtual space designed and built to allow the general public to get to know and become familiar with the history, tools and challenges of medicine. The initiative, the result of an agreement signed last year between the Ministry of Culture and Novartis Italy, “intends to contribute to making the relationship between science and society more solid and virtuous: a topic that has become very topical with the Covid-19 pandemic. and decisive for the future of the country “. With the inauguration, the Mudimed project launches a path that will continue over the years, through the opening of other exhibition spaces, the inclusion of new works and protagonists. The Ministry of University and Research (Mur) participates in the Mudimed initiative. Mudimed, explains a note, “proposes an innovative approach to the scientific method in medicine with an original and engaging language, which accompanies the virtual visitor on a rigorous and at the same time evocative path, in which scientific innovation and medicine meet humanistic culture and art. Some of the most prestigious Italian museums and libraries have made their main works in digital format available to this new exhibition space “. Mudimed is part of the ‘Science to live’ path, promoted by Novartis Italia in its pandemic response plan launched in April 2020 ‘Novartis for a future-proof Italy’, which develops into multiple projects and actions to support of science literacy with the aim of strengthening the dialogue between culture, science and society, an indispensable condition for facing present and future challenges. “The meaning and value of science are today more than ever at the center of the public debate and represent a fundamental aspect of the post-Covid restart. We want to help bring citizens, especially the youngest ones, closer to this world because of knowledge and familiarity with scientific method represent the way to develop antibodies against mistrust and fear and to build a knowledge society “, underlines Pasquale Frega, Country President and CEO of Novartis Italia. “As a leading company in innovation in health – he highlights – it is our responsibility to promote the spread of science literacy, with the adoption of languages ​​and methods that are closer to the sensibility of the public. We are proud to have contributed to creating an unprecedented and unique initiative in the our country like Mudimed and we are grateful to the institutions for their support. “In its first room open to the public, Mudimed welcomes 19 works from some of the most important museums and library institutions in our country: from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples to the Museum of history of medicine of Sapienza, passing through the Museum and the Real Bosco di Capodimonte, up to the National Central Library of Rome: a circuit that belongs to the Ministry of Culture (Mic) and the Ministry of University and Research, and which it represents an essential component of the enormous cultural, artistic and museum heritage of our country. The project makes use of the technological support of Google Arts & Culture, the Google online space that collects the wealth of knowledge of over 2,000 cultural institutions from 80 countries around the world. The works – artifacts, paintings, literary works, sculptures – identify some stages fundamentals of the evolution of the scientific method in medicine: from the terracotta artifacts of the Pompeii excavations, when medicine was mainly devotion and prayer, to the frescoes of the 1600s that show scenes of the most important epidemics of the past, up to the finds that testify to the early surgery, vaccinations and the frontiers of modern pharmacology. The layout and contents of Mudimed are the result of a year of work carried out by a multidisciplinary scientific committee led by Giuliano Volpe and composed of: Sylvain Bellenger, director of the Museum and Real Bosco di Capodimonte; Maria Conforti, director of the Museum of the history of medicine at La Sapienza; Andrea de Pasquale, Mic; Paolo Fedeli, Chief Scientific Officer of Sandoz; Francesca Galli, from the general direction of Coordination, promotion and enhancement of research at the Mur; Paolo Giulierini, director of the Archaeological Museum of Naples Gaia Panina, Chief Scientific Officer of Novartis Italia. To complete the Committee and to accompany visitors in understanding the works, a pool of excellent storytellers, made up of researchers, scientists, disseminators such as Arnaldo Colasanti, Barbara Gallavotti, Andrea Grignolio, Paolo Mazzarello, Guido Silvestri and Giuliano Volpe.

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