Medicine: Consulcesi, call for specializations expiring but lack of places

There are two days left until the closing of the competition for admission to the Medical Specialization Schools, but the number of places available is still not defined in the call, which will be communicated later with implementing decrees. This lack could also generate criticalities in the selection that involves the attribution and evaluation of the curriculum, warns Consulcesi, who therefore recommends postgraduates to pay attention to the announcement and to register by carefully following the instructions. In addition to attaching the identity document and completing the application form in all its parts, one must be careful – warns the legal team specialized in health in a note – to attach the so-called ‘declaration of relevance of the thesis’ which must be countersigned by the thesis supervisor, or by the president of the course of study, or by the director of the Department to which the course of study belongs. In this case, as there is no certification model available, the declaration must be attached by carefully following the instructions in the announcement. Furthermore, Cineca does not manage payments, nor does it verify that they have been successful; for this reason we recommend checking with the reference institution that the payment has been successful. And again, Consulcesi suggests to trainees to pay attention to some things during the admission test to be held on July 20, on the basis of the irregularities already found. It is necessary that: the classrooms in which the test will take place are also suitable for compliance with anti-Covid regulations; the standard of treatment in the controls by the Commissions is homogeneous; there are no interruptions during the tests; the computers are all functioning in order to avoid blackouts as happened in the past. a legal path of appeal. It is also important that on the day of the test the candidates show up on time and that, in addition to bringing with them the identity document, the card with the tax code issued by the Revenue Agency or the health card and everything provided for by the notice, comply with all the rules provided for by the decree for carrying out the exam which also contain health and hygiene rules for protection from Covid-19 such as wearing a mask, using the sanitizing gel, keeping a safe distance, using your pen and not touch the computer intended for others.

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