• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Mandatory green pass and tampons, Sileri hypothesis: “Free if in economic difficulty”


Oct 14, 2021

“In the transition between not having the mandatory Green pass and having the mandatory Green pass, problems can arise and companies can find a solution compatible with safety and work needs, just as a solution can be temporarily offered with a buffer. free to those in economic difficulty, but at the same time a work of explanation should be done on the goodness of vaccination so that people understand that many of the things that are said in the streets are nonsense, such as that the vaccine is experimental or which is not effective “. This was stated by Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, guest of Radio Cusano Campus. “Unfortunately, there are those who exploit fears. Most of the people who took to the streets against the Green Pass were frightened people, who did not understand and I think it should be better explained to them. It is necessary to explain what they risk by not vaccinating. Unfortunately, in the coming weeks we will have many small waves not only of infections but also of hospitalizations that will affect people who have not been vaccinated “, he concluded.