• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Covid, Scatizzi (Acoi): “To recover skipped surgeries surgeons ready to work at 120% ‘”


Oct 13, 2021

“In 2020, due to the pandemic, 2.5 million Italians were not called for screening and this means one thing: 4,600 cancers, 3,300 of the breast and 1,300 of the colon were not diagnosed in general surgery. Not only that: if a person had a cancer disease in 2020, today he will have it more advanced, so the chances of treating it have decreased, while pathologies that were benign 20 months ago, today are no longer. We must rush to recover the waiting lists accrued in a year and a half of the Covid emergency. And to do this, we surgeons are available to work 120%. But we also need to invest in hi-tech operating theaters, training and professional updating ”. This was stated by Marco Scatizzi, member of the national council of Acoi, the Association of Italian hospital surgeons, which will bring together the category (5000 members out of a total of 6000 hospital surgeons) on the occasion of the 39th National Congress to be held in Milan, from 17 to 20 October, to elect the new president in office for the next three years. Read also And it is Scatizzi himself who is one of the candidates to succeed the current number one of Acoi, Pierluigi Marini. “With my colleagues from Acoi – says the surgeon – we will continue to say aloud to the Minister of Health, and to the regional institutional bodies, that the pandemic has created important collateral damage for all those patients who have not had the opportunity to receive treatment, diagnosis or surgery. For these reasons, in all offices, national and regional, we will act as a stimulus to the authorities to give us the tools to recover waiting lists ”. But while “for cancer patients – underlines Scatizzi – we are now recovering surgery activities not without difficulty, for all the others who do not have a diagnosis of cancer we are very late. But we are talking about pathologies which, although not oncological, have a significant impact on people’s health and quality of life. A calculus of the gallbladder, for example, in the meantime can become acute pancreatitis “. And with regard to the 20 billion envisaged by the PNRR to relaunch the National Health Service, Scatizzi has no doubts: “For the return to treatment, it is necessary to invest in general surgery, in new technologies and personnel, especially in southern hospitals. We know that in Italy Health in the South is not the same as in the North, a disparity that we would like to eliminate through the NRP which we hope will become a tool and an opportunity for the relaunch of the NHS. Unfortunately, the constraints are not the right ones, in the sense that we have been more attentive to heavy machines (CT scan, magnetic resonance). Instead, we would like to invest more in the technology of the operating room, in order to have more tools and possibilities to treat patients and operate them, which is our job “. The Acoi National Congress will be an opportunity to take stock of cancer surgery, emergency surgery and more. “There will be round tables on the post-Covid recovery in which Minister Speranza will also participate – adds Scatizzi – but we will also address the issue of professional updating and post-graduate training schools, which we would like to organize throughout the country so that our young people can benefit from it. One of Acoi’s objectives is certainly to restore pride to surgeons, defending them in all possible locations. We are often the subject of unfounded and inconsistent accusations. For this reason we have included in our share insurance to protect our members “. Finally: “After a year and a half of Covid the Acoi Congress will be attended by 2 thousand surgeons, it will be a good opportunity to meet again”, concludes Scatizzi.