NewsHealthCovid, Bassetti: "No fourth wave one month after reopening"

Covid, Bassetti: “No fourth wave one month after reopening”


“Today we are one month after the reopening of April 26. I do not think we have witnessed the fourth wave, the increase in RT, the increase in infections, the increase in intensive care hospitalizations and 500-600 deaths at day”. This was underlined by Matto Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino hospital in Genoa, in a post on Facebook exactly one month after the first reopening. “Who had made these predictions? There are many experts, politicians and journalists who have declined the pandemic with a lot of bias and ideology and very little science – notes Bassetti – Unfortunately many have listened to them and still listen to them”. There are, however, “fewer and fewer patients with Covid and more and more sick with other diseases, including infectious ones, who are finally returning to populate our hospitals. Yesterday at the national level the lowest rate of positivity on tampons in 7 months was touched ( 1.2%), on 26 April it was 5.8%. Hospitals have had 52% fewer inpatients since 26 April and intensive care has reduced the number of patients by 73% “.



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