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Call4Artists, 5 young artists have been chosen to tell 40 years of HIV


Five young artists who will have the task of telling, with their works, HIV and its 40 years of history in the 2021 edition of the ‘Together we can stop the virus’ project. They are the winners of the ‘Call4Artists’ launched last December by Gilead and which has collected the adhesions of talents from all over Italy. The jury, made up of experts in the sector and the 10 patient associations that sponsor the initiative, chose the five among the more than 40 applications received. The project was discussed during an online meeting dedicated to communication on the disease and the choice of using art, in ‘figital’ form (enjoyed in physical form and in person) to talk about AIDS to all generations. Among the prizes for the winners, an ‘Artistic Residence’ was launched, i.e. a technical, theoretical and practical training on the language of augmented reality, with a focus in the artistic field, as well as training on contemporary art and the scientific context HIV. A small creative laboratory where ideas can flourish by uniting even very distant worlds. The challenge launched to the artists is to tell the 40 years of HIV with their own sensitivity, letting themselves be guided in this path by the suggestions of the patient associations, by the case studies on the artists who, starting from the 90s, were the first to tell the story. When HIV was taboo, it scared and killed. The aim of the project is to create the first permanent exhibition on HIV that every year can be enriched with new artistic contributions.In previous editions of the project, works have been created that tell, thanks also to the support of augmented reality: stigma, fear of diagnosis, acceptance of a therapy for life, the success of the therapies, the joy of being able to age despite the virus and the achievement of a good quality of life. In 2020 there will also be a work on some of the challenges faced by people with HIV during the period of the Covid-19 health emergency. “The theme of AIDS in art, which for example in America has a long tradition of activism and also of representation in museums, in Italy has seen very few works. So the ‘Together we can stop the virus’ project was an opportunity to put contemporary art in contact with such an important theme “, says Ilaria Bonacossa, director of Artissima, before Contemporary art fair and artistic curator of the project. For the works related to the project, “exhibits in stations, airports and other open places are foreseen – said Giovanni Franchina, founding partner of Bepart, an organization that deals with augmented reality and supports the project. virtual but ‘figital’, digital and physical exhibitions will be scheduled “. These are the winners: Lisa Pizzato born in 1996, graphic designer, illustrator, with particular attention to animation and augmented reality; Giulia Tolino born in 1983, has worked in the field of video games, then dedicating herself to animation; Marco D’Ambrosio alias Adam Tempesta illustrator and graphic designer, has published two graphic novels, has worked for Il Corriere della Sera, Menelique Mummu London, Vogue Italia; the duo Allegria Bulgaria composed of Arianna Di Betta and Cecilia Piazza born in 1990 and 1988. Both visionary graphic designers from Bologna; Raffaele Leaverrea born in 1982, for the Brera Academy of Fine Arts he created a multimedia platform that investigates the relationship between art and technique. “‘Together we can stop the virus’ wants to reach the general public but above all the new generations who have not lived through the darkest period in the history of HIV. Often young people are not aware of the risks because they think that this kind of virus is very away from them. That’s why we wanted young people to tell these 40 years of HIV through art “, concluded Cristina Le Grazie, medical director of Gilead Italy, underlining that the pharmaceutical company, which has been involved for over 30 years in the fight against HIV, it has improved the impact of therapies on the patient over time. “The goal – he says – is to reach a definitive cure for the disease”. The Gilead Italia project is sponsored by 10 nationally active patient associations: Anlaids Onlus, Ala Milano Onlus, Arcobaleno Odv, Asa Onlus, Circolo Mario Mieli, Lila Italian League for the fight against AIDS, Milano Check Point, Nps Italia Onlus, Nadir Onlus, Plus.



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