NewsHealthHerd immunity, Lopalco: "Difficult to predict"

Herd immunity, Lopalco: “Difficult to predict”


Herd immunity from coronavirus? “It depends on the combination of natural immunity with vaccine immunity. It is therefore difficult to give a level of coverage that indicates herd immunity because we do not know the exact share of subjects who have had the infection and many subjects who have had the infection are also been vaccinated, so there is a certain overlap of the two populations “. Pier Luigi Lopalco, epidemiologist and health councilor of the Puglia Region explained this to Adnkronos Health. Read also “We know that with 80% of the immune population the circulation of the virus stops. But to reach this goal we must also vaccinate minors. At this moment the purpose of vaccination remains to protect the most fragile population from severe forms of illness “, concludes Lopalco.



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