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Herd immunity, Pregliasco: “We will never reach it”


Herd immunity to the Coronavirus? For the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, “we will never reach it. It is in fact the condition in which, according to mathematical models, the spread of the disease is eliminated, and we do not succeed, in the sense that the disease will become endemic, we will be able to lower the incidence and therefore to live with the virus. And this we will be able to do within 2-3 months “. The virologist of the University of Milan is convinced of this and, at Adnkronos Salute, explains how “even reaching 80% of the vaccinated population”, a target recommended as a target for vaccination coverage by WHO Europe, “the disease is almost extinguished but we never get to zeroing out the circulation of the virus “. “When we reach 50% of vaccinated people, to which we add about 4 million of those recovered who – underlines Pregliasco – are actually at least double, because there are many who are not registered as sick in the first wave, we will get to have the frail elderly protected, but there will remain a quota of young people who will keep the chain of contagion ‘active’ So, thanks to vaccines, we can speak of coexistence with the virus for a few years, which hopefully – he concludes – will be a very ‘civil’ coexistence.



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