NewsHealthMatteo Bassetti "escorted by police from home to hospital"

Matteo Bassetti “escorted by police from home to hospital”


After the attack reported yesterday, Matteo Bassetti escorted by the police from home to the hospital. “At this moment when I leave the house and go to the hospital, the Police accompany me and so on my return. But it is not important what the police are doing, which is commendable, but what the judiciary should do or put them all together. complaints and work with the sole purpose of prosecuting these people as a criminal association or subversion movements. So no longer prosecute them as an offense to the person but for what they do against public order. I believe that this is important, we need to intervene because these violence are at the same level as terrorist acts “, underlines to Adnkronos Salute the director of the infectious diseases clinic of the San Martino hospital in Genoa, who yesterday reported that he had been chased and threatened by a no-vax. Read also



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