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Covid, Sileri: “With the next wave 30 thousand possible deaths”


A new wave of coronavirus in Italy could cost the country another “30 thousand” deaths. To say it is the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, who spoke at ‘Agorà Estate’ on Rai Tre. “Today – he explained – we have almost 4 million people not vaccinated against Covid. And another wave will come. This is inevitable. Now we have had the fourth wave supported by the Delta variant which has mainly affected the unvaccinated and those who were waiting for the second dose. In the autumn there will be a resurgence, mainly for the unvaccinated. If these numbers remain, we will probably have to suffer the deaths of 30 thousand people, considering the unvaccinated. This is not acceptable. This is the last call. . We must vaccinate and protect the population “, explained the undersecretary. “Today it is easier to die from Covid than from cancer, in the same period of time. Anyone who says they do not believe in Covid is talking nonsense”, said Sileri, recalling that “in a year and a half we have had 130,000 deaths. We have others. 30,000 ahead if you don’t get vaccinated. Our hospitals have never seen things like this. It hasn’t happened in all of human history. But not even in World War II. Have you ever seen 130,000 people die of cancer in one year with These numbers are so concentrated in an area of ​​the country? Such a thing has never happened. Is it possible that this cannot be understood? “. Is it possible, continued Sileri, “that everyone is talking about something they don’t know? Let’s let the scientists talk. Let’s let politics decide, thank God we have a very large majority who can do it. But that’s enough, because 30,000 deaths in the next few months won’t he wants no one. I’m already suffering from the past 130,000. I don’t want any more. Period. “



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