NewsHealthBeauty, Basoccu (Ini): 'Retouching requests increase, desire for rebirth'

Beauty, Basoccu (Ini): ‘Retouching requests increase, desire for rebirth’


There is a desire for rebirth. It is within each of us, but there is also the urge to bring it written on the face, on the skin, on the body. And so here is the desire to see dark circles, bags under the eyes, excess pads in unwanted areas disappear. And the dress rehearsal this time around is not the main thrust. There is precisely the need to gratify oneself, to reward oneself, to do something beautiful and meaningful for oneself to get out of such a difficult period from an emotional point of view. Giulio Basoccu, a plastic surgeon at Ini in Grottaferrata, knows this well, and has recently seen his activity resume in a particularly intense way. “But I am also very happy to see that everything related to breast reconstruction is recovering in a significant way, a sign – he stresses – that the diagnostic-therapeutic oncological path is also emerging from that phase of inevitable stalemate in which the pandemic has caused us. forced”. “In this very long and tiring year, people have turned in on themselves and have also started to have a different image of themselves – explains Basoccu – We have looked at ourselves less in the mirror and more in a webcam which, at times, is It was even inclement. Unlike what happens with a photo, where maybe we can even resort to a little help from a filter, when we are in a video call we not only have no filters, but we also find ourselves ‘face to face’ close to other people and the comparison is immediate. And sometimes we do not come out as winners. Hence the awareness that perhaps it is necessary to correct some defect or some signs of age “. In recent times, even the masks ‘accomplices’, the demand for eye level interventions, while there is less demand for the lips. And then additive mammoplasty which is always an evergreen dear to women, but also many requests for liposuction and abdominoplasty given the extra kilos accumulated in this period of lockdown and forced inactivity. “If the requests are more or less always the same, the reasons have changed a little – Basoccu relates – There is more desire to love yourself, to reward yourself, to rediscover your smile. It is not just a question of wanting to ‘look’ better, but also to ‘feel’ better. cosmetic surgery is not a futile whim, but one that can really have a profound effect on the soul of a person, in his feeling good with himself in the midst of others. And today more than ever – he concludes – we feel this need “.



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