NewsHealthReopening, Gismondo: "Well, pessimism does more damage than covid"

Reopening, Gismondo: “Well, pessimism does more damage than covid”


“In managing an emergency like this one must be serious and tell the truth, but never season it with pessimism. Because the psychological illness is as serious as the pandemic”. In the aftermath of the easing of the anti Covid measures announced by the Government, from the new reopening to the curfew at 11pm, the microbiologist Maria Rita Gismondo makes this reflection by commenting to Adnkronos Salute what often appeared to the general public as a ‘war within war’: the dialectic that has so often split the Italian scientific community into two ‘parties’, aperturists and closurists. “The gradual openings are absolutely logical and acceptable – declares the director of the Laboratory of clinical microbiology, virology and diagnostics of bio-emergencies of the Sacco hospital in Milan – I always remain an optimist and I still do not share the attitude of those who have been alarmist: in cases where he was denied, before the facts gave him wrong, he obviously created a completely unfounded panic; while in cases where what he expected then occurred, he still alarmed before this happened even if it was not at all obvious would happen, also ruining the hope that led to a positive expectation of normality “.



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