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Reopenings, Galli: “I am a pessimist? I’m in press silence”


“Nothing to say. Right now, as I have repeated many times, I am in ‘press blackout’. I will have my say, if requested, after May 25th”. This was reiterated to Adnkronos Salute Massimo Galli, infectious disease specialist at the Sacco hospital-University of Milan, regarding the criticisms on social media and on some media for his positions on Covid-19 considered too prudent and pessimistic, opposed to the improvement of data and planned reopenings. Galli has been in press silence for a week. “Enough TV, for at least 15 days I have to work, study and do other things. I decided to get out of the way for a while”, he announced to La7. “One of the reasons why I no longer want to come and talk is that I no longer want to talk about that word”, said Galli on that occasion, answering questions on the hypothesis of moving the curfew. “If you are convinced that the correct signal is that of a further ‘free all’, let’s give it up.



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