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Rasi (Consulcesi), ‘to recover 15% hesitant anti-Covid vaccine no walls’


In the face of those who are reluctant to vaccinate against Covid “we must not make the mistake of building walls: we must rather convince them that we are part of the same team, that we are allies”. This is the ‘recipe’ of Guido Rasi, scientific director of Consulcesi, to recover the vaccinations left pending in the 15% of the hesitant population. In the communicative effort necessary to first secure children and adolescents, but also adults, from diseases preventable with the vaccines currently available, not only Covid-19, there is also the new e-book ‘Protection 0-18: objectives and criticalities of pediatric vaccinations’ (published by Paese Edizioni), informs Consulcesi, in a note. The newly published e-book – which is also available in an audio book version – is a compendium of all the vaccinations, recommended and recommended, that every doctor and even citizen can use to find out which vaccines must and can be done and with what timing . They range from mandatory vaccines for minors from 0-16 years, such as hexavalent (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, polio and influenza B), IPV (poliomyelitis), hepatitis B, HiB ( Haemofilus influenzae B), the Mprv or Mpr + V (measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox), the recommended ones such as those against pneumococcus, meningococcus C, meningococcus B, rotavirus. And then: the anti-Hpv vaccine, the anti-flu and those against Herpes zoster and against hepatitis A. After having listed all the vaccines available to the population today, reporting the main numbers on vaccination coverage, Rasi dedicates ample space the strategies that healthcare professionals should implement to overcome resistance. “The first thing a doctor must do is listen”, says the scientific director of Consulcesi, a leading company in the training of health professionals, with a catalog of over 250 ECM courses. “It must be admitted – he underlines – that doctors, or at least many of them, are not excellent listeners. In fact, we tend to listen little and interrupt our patient, especially if we do not agree with what he is saying. who do not want to have their children vaccinated, we are unlikely to listen to them for more than a few seconds “. In addition to knowing how to listen, according to Rasi it is necessary to know how to speak in the right way: “Especially when dealing with a patient who is reluctant to hear reasons in favor of vaccines, it is important to avoid using a combative, judgmental or paternalistic tone of voice. Better to turn to a more welcoming tone of voice, not condescending, but which nevertheless expresses the intention of wanting to open up to dialogue and confrontation “. be afraid to talk about themselves: those who are against vaccines – he observes – object that we doctors vaccinate for our interests. personal experience that leads them to believe in our good faith “. So “receive patients who do not want to vaccinate their children: it is shown in the literature that, if we reject these patients, they will turn to a more ‘naturist’ doctor than us who will grant them the pass to not vaccinate their children. we can’t follow these patients, so let’s try to refer them to a more specialized colleague who will try a more convincing approach to them “. As Rasi recalls,” you don’t need to pull the rope on your own side. to reach an agreement between ‘gentlemen’: by speaking clearly, you will have a better chance of convincing them initially to get some vaccines. It will not be what the vaccination schedule foresees, but it will still be a start. for example, for having treated him for bronchopneumonia, their trust will also be obtained in the vaccination field “. act gradually and in a determined way, like the drop that digs the stone. Getting another, possibly more specific, appointment with that patient will already be like winning. “Again,” being flexible. The vaccination recommendation must obviously always be at the center of the comparison, but this position must not be continually emphasized. Otherwise the only effect that will be obtained will be the removal. It can be functional to use, at times, even a little self-irony to file the distances that separate from the patient “. And then” do some tests – suggests Rasi – In the event that the patient is about to take a trip, it could work explain to him that at least his child should be vaccinated before departure, to avoid putting him at risk with respect to the transmission of possible diseases; be ready, because many parents, even if they do not want to vaccinate their children, still ask for information on other diseases. Knowing how to give convincing and resolving answers, for the parent, will be the demonstration that he can trust you “. Finally, the scientific director of Consulcesi invites you to” stay on social media, but with judgment. There are 7,000 family pediatricians and they treat about 800 patients each. If only half of them shared vaccine recommendations on their social profiles, the message would reach thousands of people. “According to the expert,” one of the most important actions to take is to increase the health system’s ability to respond to requests and to citizens’ requests to clarify their doubts and concerns about the efficacy and safety of vaccines. Only if these interventions go hand in hand – he concludes – will we as a country aspire to achieve vaccination coverage according to the levels recommended by the WHO “, the World Health Organization. Given the importance of the issue, the National Commission for Continuing Education established that those who, by the expiry of the 2020-2022 training period, acquire ECM credits in the field of vaccines and vaccination strategies will obtain a bonus equal to the same number of credits, up to a maximum of 10, for the three-year period 2023/2025.



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