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Covid today Italy, stable Rt but increasing incidence: report Iss


Rt stable but incidence uphill. This is underlined by the report with the main data of the Covid-19 monitoring of the control room of the Higher Institute of Health (Iss) and the Ministry of Health. In the period August 31-September 13, the transmissibility index “the mean Rt calculated on symptomatic cases was equal to 0.91 (range 0.85-1.06), stable compared to the previous week”. “The transmissibility index based on cases with hospitalization is slightly increasing but below the epidemic threshold: Rt = 0.87 (0.82-0.91) at 13 September against Rt = 0.81 (0.77- 0.85) as of September 6 “, states the report. On the other hand, signs of a rise in the Covid-19 epidemiological curve. “The weekly incidence at national level rises: 215 per 100,000 inhabitants (16-22 September) against 186 per 100 thousand inhabitants (9-15 September)”, highlights the report. The ‘stress’ situation of the Covid departments remains unchanged compared to the last week. “The employment rate in intensive care is stable at 1.4% (daily survey by the Ministry of Health as of September 22) against 1.4% (survey as of September 15). The employment rate in medical areas at national level drops to 5 , 3% (daily survey on September 22nd) against 5.7% (survey on September 15th) “. The percentage of cases detected through contact tracing “is stable compared to the previous week (11% versus 11%). The percentage of cases detected through the appearance of symptoms slightly increased (53% versus 51%), while slightly decreases the percentage of cases diagnosed through screening activities (36% vs 37%) “. Two regions at high risk, 11 moderate and 8 low” Two regions are classified at high risk, 11 at moderate risk and the remaining 8 regions are classified as low risk, “highlights the report. “Twelve regions and autonomous provinces report at least one resilience alert. Three regions report multiple resilience alerts,” the report concludes.



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