NewsHealthMinisola (Sapienza): "Vitamin D important for calcium absorption"

Minisola (Sapienza): “Vitamin D important for calcium absorption”


“Vitamin D is extremely important because it ensures that there is adequate intestinal absorption of calcium. Those who do not have vitamin D must, of course, be supplemented or sunbathe in the summer to reach adequate levels of this hormone. enough vitamin D does not have an adequate intestinal absorption of calcium and a whole series of consequences and therefore must be brought to levels that allow a normal function of the organism “. Thus Salvatore Minisola, professor of internal medicine at the Sapienza University of Rome, on the occasion of the VI International Consensus on Vitamin D, scheduled in Florence these days, which brings together over 30 of the world’s leading vitamin D experts. ‘event Andrea Giustina, head of endocrinology at the Irccs San Raffaele Hospital in Milan and scientific coordinator of the Consensus of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, and John Bilezikian, associate professor of internal medicine – endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism at Columbia University in New York. “Those who do not have iron – concludes Minisola – must take iron, those who do not have folic acid must take folic acid and those who do not have adequate levels of vitamin D must be supplemented. These are the clear and fundamental concepts that must be well impressed, in such a way as to guide the prescription of the drug “.



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