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AISLA, Oscar of femininity to Francesca Genovese


An evening full of emotions, solidarity and social themes that of the “U Sciammisciu d’oro” which awarded, on the evening of Wednesday, August 17, the Oscar for Calabrian femininity now in its 9th edition. One of the twelve statuettes, in fact, was assigned to Francesca Genovese, national councilor of AISLA, Italian Association of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Calabrese doc, Francesca is the testimony of the courage of women, of those capable of going through life and rebuilding it, despite everything, despite ALS. The award, strongly desired by Silvana Ruggiero, founder and president of the A.GE.SS Association, is entitled “Sciammisciu”, the name of the characteristic blouse of the “Bagnarote” which, together with the saje (skirt), has become the historical clothing of this woman famous for her resourcefulness and strength. Hardworking; maternal; rebels; brave and extraordinarily beautiful, as legend has it, the “bagnarote” are women of the sea celebrated in literature and art, but most of all in folk tales. A figure that has marked the history of the Tyrrhenian town center of the Costa Viola. Those who arrive in Bagnara will encounter, near the stele that commemorates the intrepid navigator of the oceans Vincenzo Fondacaro, the commemorative sculpture of Mia Martini, a “bagnarota” of roots and conviction: a boundless love for the city of the sea that have elevated it to perennial symbol of the city, an award, therefore, dedicated to the extraordinary Calabrian women, who have left a profound mark on the cultural, political and social history of the region and also in our country. AISLA expresses pride in the recognition assigned to Francesca Genovese, a fundamental reference for the entire association and national councilor. Francesca Genovese’s tenacious commitment reminds us of the value of a company that should become increasingly aware of its weaknesses and with which to start a constant and careful comparison. Each in its own role, just like the bagnarote, must do its part for a ‘society of care’ that is capable of responding concretely to the need for treatment of complex diseases, such as ALS, guaranteeing families the right to adequate health care and social. “Paths today almost non-existent in Calabria, but which we hope will meet new awareness and attention – says Francesca Genovese, national councilor of AISLA, who continues -” The SLA chose US, when it hit Maurizio, my husband. We were a young couple just married and expecting their first child. He just thirty and I just under. Life, however it presents itself, is not a boat with furled sails. A boat by its nature yearns for the sea and for this sea of ​​life, the health and social system must guarantee all the necessary care and attention. This is why I continue to stand by my friends in their personal daily battle and in the memory of my special angel. “It was 2013 when, at the age of 36, ALS defeated Maurizio Casadidio, an extraordinary symbol of strength and courage, Maurizio he was a pure fighter, committed to social issues as president of the Reggio section of AISLA, always lovingly flanked by Francesca, an extraordinary woman and wife, and her fantastic son Andrea. Maurizio, a Roman and convinced Romanist, can be considered a real hero, for having undertaken a courageous battle for the rights of the Calabrian sick. “Our goal – wrote Maurizio in a moving letter issued in 2012 on the occasion of the inauguration of the Aisla headquarters in Reggio Calabria – is to give this section the meaning it deserves and that is to do everything to reduce the isolation and abandonment of families with ALS patients. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is an incurable but not incurable disease. Indeed, precisely because there are currently no drugs capable of stopping the progression of the disease, it is necessary to guarantee patients a continuous and progressive path of care and assistance and a quality of life as high as possible “. Maurizio’s work continues thanks to the many friends who accompanied him on this crusade, but the real beating heart remains Francesca who continued with the same love and courage, creating reference principals throughout Calabria and has also been a National Councilor for years. by AISLA.


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