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Test for Faculty of Medicine, from manual Consulcesi to manage study and stress


Change the test, but not the stress. To slightly encourage the thousands of students who are preparing to compete for access to the limited number of Medicine and Surgery faculties this year, there are the small changes made to the admission test: fewer questions for general knowledge and 720 more places available . But what is the study method to follow to better prepare in the last weeks available before the September tests? What are the texts to rely on for the last review? How should the remaining time be organized, and how much of it should be dedicated to one’s psycho-physical well-being? To help aspiring white coats to better face the stressful selection, Consulcesi has developed a ‘rapid learning’ manual. Available online free of charge, the ‘Survival Manual of the Medicine Test 2022’ contains operational and detailed information on the topics that are the subject of specific questions to individual subjects, but also advice on how to manage time, including theoretical review and practical simulations and a bibliography and sitography updated. “An understandable anxiety, if you think that last year for the 14,020 places 55,117 showed up. This year, although the overall data on the candidacies have not yet been made public by the Ministry of University and Research, how much emerges from the partial data of the universities suggests that the competition, despite the 14,740 places available, will be equally if not tougher “, remembers Consulcesi. The first signal comes from the Bicocca of Milan for the degree course of Medicine and Surgery in English: there are in fact 929 (674 females and 255 males), as the Milanese university informs, those enrolled in this year’s test, the 25% more than in 2021, when there were 740 candidates. But the number of aspiring freshmen of the Faculties of Medicine and Surgery, compared to last year, has increased towards almost all the universities that have published the data to date. ” In fact, with the exception of the University of Padua, which in 2021 had registered 2,738 students for 86 places against the 1,488 of this year, the University of Catanzaro went from 1,142 candidates in 2021 to 1,547 this year, for a total instead of places remained unchanged at 352. A similar situation recorded the University of Messina, which sees 1,488 candidates against 1,072 of last year, for 406 places – observes Consulcesi – Less, but still increased, the writings for the admission test at the University d i Pisa, which for the 290 places confirmed since last year sees 1,278 applicants against the 1,179 registered in 2021, and the University of Siena which has about 50 more students (713 in 2021, 771 in 2022) for the 250 places “.” On the other hand, there are more places available at the University of Turin – continues Consulcesi – which from 359 in 2021 foresees 477 for the year 2022/2023, although with an increase in applications that go from 2,259 to 2,517. Finally, interest in the University of Varese Insubria is also renewed and grows, which for its 171 places, this year as last year, sees 1,666 candidates against 1,475 in 2021 “.” The reduction in applications for general culture in favor of disciplinary subjects and the increase in available places are certainly positive signs and certainly among the reasons for a renewed interest in students, as evidenced by the partial data that emerged on those enrolled in the tests – says Massimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi, who for years it conveys the desire of Italian students to see the current selection system reformed – A competition no less tough than in other years is therefore expected. In a context where, also looking at previous years, we can hypothesize that about one in 5 students will enter, ‘traps’ and ‘distractors’ can get the better of knowledge, definitively compromising the result of the most important test (at least so far) for the future. from this awareness the practical guide to help students make the most of the difficult summer study and not ‘self-boycott’ on the day of the test: from the structure of the test from the identification of the subjects to be reviewed, up to possible irregularities that may occur during the course. All enriched by a large appendix, with simulations to be carried out and references to sources of scientific literature. “So, while we await more incisive and effective reforms and we await the effects of those announced for the ‘next year still shrouded in many questions, we at Consulcesi want to stay close to the many young people eager to div enter health professionals by putting the experience of our consultants at their disposal “, concludes Tortorella.


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