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Covid today Lombardy, 5,474 infections and 20 deaths: 9 August bulletin


There are 5,474 new coronavirus infections today 9 August in Lombardy, according to data from the latest covid-19 bulletin. There are another 20 deaths. The new cases identified compared to 36,968 swabs carried out: the positivity rate is 14.8%. The number of hospitalized is increasing: 37 are in intensive care, 2 more than yesterday; in ordinary Covid departments 1,137 (+12). This was reported by the Region in the daily bulletin. In the Milanese there are 1,365 infections, of which 463 in the capital city. Followed by the provinces of Brescia (+835), Bergamo (+625), Varese (+436), Monza and Brianza (+410), Pavia (+362), Mantua (+360), Como (+306), Cremona ( +273), Lodi (+167), Lecco (+134) and Sondrio (+88).


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