NewsHealthSmallpox monkeys, vaccinations begin in Emilia Romagna

Smallpox monkeys, vaccinations begin in Emilia Romagna


Starting today in Emilia Romagna, the first vaccinations against Monkeypox virus, monkeypox, according to ministerial guidelines. The note sent this morning by the Directorate of the Regional Health Policies to all health companies in the area provides operational indications on the administration of the first tranche of 600 doses of Jynneos * vaccine (Mva-Bn) that the Ministry of Health has assigned to the Region, where the cases ascertained to date are 67. The first vaccinations will be carried out today in Bologna, followed by the other health authorities. Read also On the basis of the current epidemiological scenario, the high risk categories for which the vaccination offer is immediately foreseen – recalls a regional note – are two: laboratory personnel with possible direct exposure to Orthopoxvirus; gay, transgender, bisexual people and men who have sexual relations with men (MSM), possibly identified among those who belong to the Prep (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) / HIV clinics of the Infectious Diseases Operating Units and HIV Centers (possibly with the support of the Check points where present in the area and of the Ist-Sexually Transmitted Diseases clinics) .The laboratory operators – continues the note – will be directly called by the company health supervisors, while the people who fall into the second category will be able to contact the Prep / HIV clinics and HIV Centers: the infectious disease specialist will be the reference figure for the evaluation of any eligibility for vaccination based on the level of risk identified, as foreseen by the circular of the Ministry of Health sent to the Regions. The vaccine offer strategy in favor of further target groups – as indicated in the same note – may be subsequently updated on the basis of the epidemiological trend and the availability of the vaccine, currently extremely limited, concludes the Region.


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