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Health, how to avoid altitude sickness: course for doctors


Also this summer the mountains remain among the most popular tourist destinations, confirming a rising trend (+ 43% of Italian presences and + 35% of foreigners compared to 2021, according to the forecasts of the Demoskopika institute) which began in recent years and accelerated sharply after the Covid-19 pandemic. Hunting for fresh and nature, more and more vacationers therefore choose to climb ‘higher and higher’, but often do not have the theoretical-practical preparation suitable for experiencing the peaks safely, avoiding the symptoms of altitude sickness. “Listening to your body and knowing which drugs to take to combat the common, but not negligible, pathologies linked to altitude” is the recommendation of Daniele Manno, captain of the Military Corps of the Italian Red Cross, who leaving the new multimedia Ecm course ‘Montagna : typical pathologies and conditions at high altitudes’, open to all white coats and created with the Consulcesi Club, joins the choir of rescuers and alpine guides who recommend more caution and training to face the mountains. The aim of the lessons, entrusted to the paramedic and remote and military life support instructor – explain from Consulcesi – is to “update and train health professionals to prevent the countless and common ailments related to altitude, and promote greater awareness around what happens to our body when it is exposed to more or less adverse and extreme conditions such as those of the mountain environment “.” The altitude can lead to a series of illnesses of varying intensity depending also on the predisposition of the single, which can range from known altitude sickness to hyperventilation, dyspnea, up to sleep apnea, periodic breathing and sleep disturbance “, Manno lists. “The physiological response – he specifies – varies according to various factors. For example, if the symptoms of so-called altitude sickness generally start from 2,000 meters, it is possible that heart patients already suffer from it from 1,000 meters, with nausea and other gastrointestinal disorders. It is therefore essential to put as many people as possible in the condition to recognize the disorder and act for a quick and safe recovery “. In the course, the CRI expert also addresses the factors at the origin of the disorders related to high altitude and behaviors aimed at preventing its onset (from the importance of acclimatization to the role of dehydration, up to the involvement of the endocrine system and hormonal adaptation), as well as the use of drugs to counteract various ailments. at a distance – highlights a note Consulcesi – is part of the wide catalog of the leading provider of Ecm training, among which health professionals can s to choose to obtain compulsory educational credits by the end of December 2022.


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