• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Covid Italia, Costa: “Confident in August without masks”


May 15, 2021

“We have to make common sense reasoning based on numbers, vaccinations are accelerating more and more and the epidemiological situation improves week by week, with these comforting data we will have an August with more freedom and also with the possibility of removing the mask outdoors” . Undersecretary for Health Andrea Costa underlines this to Adnkronos Health. Read also On the curfew “On Monday, a positive decision will be taken on the move at 11 pm or midnight. A signal that I consider positive in the logic of graduality. ‘hypothesis. The data today paint us a positive situation of infections and hospital admissions and we see an improvement in the parameters from week to week “, observes Costa. On the possibility of having the vaccine booster on vacation, according to the undersecretary” politics is opening up a debate and reflection, but it is easy to understand that the hypothesis brings with it organizational difficulties. Everything must go through an agreement in the State-Regions Conference. It cannot be an initiative of the ministry. The concept is to help simplify and the recall to holiday resorts would be an opportunity for the citizen but everything must be organized with an agreement between the Regions “. Vaccines chapter: “We have administered 26 million doses and if we take the end of July as a reference, we will reach 25 million doses which will allow us to bring daily immunizations to 700 thousand by June”.