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Tumors. From a baby’s dream to the right to be forgotten, Carolina’s battles and the others


“I am a sunny person, but when I was told ‘Carolina you have a tumor’, the truth is that I ran away. I was afraid. I was sick. Then my partner picked me up in the hospital courtyard and he said: you have to face it. And I wiped my tears. I never thought of dying, honestly. The science has moved on. My concern was: ok, now I’m going to face it, I do chemo and everything and then I’ll do a son. But when? I’m 42 now “and the therapeutic process takes time. “We need to talk more about the aftermath. I, for example, will never lose hope of having that child. And I want to fight for the right to be forgotten oncology, for me and for the women who have told me their story”. Carolina Marconi talks about herself. Active a career as an actress and showgirl, a lot of notoriety, but today she is ready to fight to make everyone understand that “those who have had a tumor must not feel different or less than others. We are not our tumor”, she says to a special audience, that of the ‘Ieo for women’ event which was held today at the Manzoni Theater in Milan. Heart of the day: a thousand women operated on for breast cancer who claimed the right to start over. “Many do not talk about the after. I have faced the chemo, the surgery, the scars.” But we must also be ready for the aftermath. “The hormonal treatment, the mood swings, the hot flashes”, lists Carolina. It happens that maybe “one does everything to train and does not lose weight”. And many other small things that can weigh. “I try to live lightly, I have a wonderful partner who is close to me. The best medicine is family, in this I am lucky. The therapies you do weigh, of course, but I live with them. They tell me that the first year is like this, then the second will be better “. The disease can unite, as happened to Carolina. Or it can divide, become a wounding weapon in someone else’s hands. Fiorella Bonfanti, who was operated on 15 years ago, tells the story. “Mastectomy, initial tragedy, then a lot of strength. I worked in a company in the fashion sector – she retraces – and one day I felt approached by the administrative director: it is inappropriate for you to stay here, she told me”. “That word – continues Fiorella – knocked me down even more. They didn’t renew my contract” in that company, “but I got back into the game. And I opened my agency to promote student exchanges to America. Academy , sport, high schools “, this is the environment in which Fiorella moves. “I had a good personal success – he sums up – I play tennis, I’m an ‘over over’, but I do things I didn’t even do when I was 30-40 years old. I play tennis with Dr. Galimberti (Viviana, senologist at the Ieo , ed) and I give it to him. In short, never give up on anything “. She hasn’t given up on a child, Giovanna. The diagnosis of cancer overwhelmed her at 29, she at 40 had a baby girl who is now 3 and a half years old. “I relied on doctors to face my battle. It was a difficult 15 years. At 29 it was difficult to stop, actually for a while, because then I had to run with the therapies, with the surgery. And the road became uphill. But there is strength and courage, life is different but I continued to live it, to work, to travel. In 2018 I had booked a nice trip to the Bahamas. I said to myself: I deserve it after two great interventions and two chemotherapy cycles. But that trip I could not make it because I got pregnant. My gynecologist defined my pregnancy as precious, because many women are unable to realize this dream “. The disease also has a power:” It makes you understand who really loves you – Carolina continues to tell – I did a good cleaning and I focus on a small group of people, those who really love me. do not allow cancer to take away the will to live. Never. Today I am another person and I love this about me. I fight for the right to be forgotten oncology. I did not know anything and I inquired. Italy should follow the example of other countries such as France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Belgium, where it is law. It cannot be more difficult for someone who has had cancer to adopt a child. “It must not happen that” a woman has to say that she has been healed for 10 years, dreams of opening a dance school and cannot, struggling to get a mortgage or a small loan because the insurance asks if you have had cancer. I don’t have to be ashamed or feel different because I have had cancer. I am stronger than before “.


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