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Covid today Italy, 23,976 infections and 91 deaths: 21 May bulletin


There are 23,976 new Coronavirus infections in Italy today, May 21, 2022, according to Covid data and numbers – region by region – of the Civil Protection bulletin and the Ministry of Health. There are also 91 other deaths. In the last 24 hours 231,931 swabs were processed, including molecular and antigenic, with a positive rate of 10.3%. Hospitalizations are down, 242 fewer since yesterday, as well as intensive care units, 6 fewer since yesterday. DATA OF THE LAZIO REGIONS – There are 137,974 people currently positive for Covid-19 in Lazio, of which 745 are hospitalized, 42 in intensive care and 137,187 in home isolation. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 1,406,008 have been healed, 11,283 dead, out of a total of 1,555,265 cases examined, according to the updated bulletin of the Lazio Region. BASILICATA – In Basilicata there are 232 new cases of contagion from Sars Cov-2, out of a total of 1,296 swabs (molecular and antigenic), and there are no deaths from Covid-19. These are the data from the regional bulletin of the coronavirus task force referring to the last 24 hours. On the same day, 305 healings were recorded. The hospitalized for Covid-19 are 68 (-3) of which 1 in intensive care: 39 (of which 1 in TI) in the Potenza hospital; 29 in that of Matera. Overall, the current positives residing in Basilicata are 28,589. Today the task force released the weekly summary of vaccinations. In the week of May 14-20, 1127 doses were administered. So far 468,220 Lucanians have received the first dose of the vaccine (84.6 percent of the population which amounts to 553,254 residents), 441,968 have received the second (79.9 percent), 356,616 are the third doses (64.5 percent) and 4,246 the fourth doses (0.8 per cent), for a total of 1,271,050 administered doses. EMILIA ROMAGNA – In Emilia-Romagna there were 1,941 new positives and over 3,300 recovered, 4 deaths. Hospitalizations are decreasing in Covid wards (-44), stable in intensive care. There are 13,647 swabs carried out in the last 24 hours. 96.8% of active cases are in isolation at home, without symptoms or with mild symptoms. The average age of new positives is 45.7 years. Overall, the percentage of new positives on the number of tampons made is 14.2%. Patients currently hospitalized in the intensive care units in Emilia-Romagna are 36 (unchanged compared to yesterday), the average age is 66.5 years. . As for the patients hospitalized in the other Covid departments, they are 1,003 (-44 compared to yesterday, equal to -4.2%), average age 75.5 years.The average age of new positives today is 45.7 years. The contagion situation in the provinces sees Bologna with 436 new cases (out of a total of 304,743 from the beginning of the epidemic), followed by Modena (311 out of 229,439); then Reggio Emilia (216 out of 167,092), Parma (207 out of 123,985), Ravenna (187 out of 136,111) and Ferrara (167 out of 102,087); then, Rimini (117 out of 137,729), Cesena (92 out of 81,214), the Imola district (70 out of 45,481), Piacenza (74 out of 76,918) and finally Forlì with 64 new positive cases out of a total of 68,037 since the beginning of the pandemic. The active cases, that is the actual patients, are 32,302 (-1,453). Of these, people in isolation at home, or those with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free, are a total of 31,263 (-1,409), 96.8% of the total active cases. CALABRIA – According to the Covid-19 emergency bulletin released by the Health Protection Department of the Calabria Region, 834 new infections are registered (out of 5,170 swabs carried out), +2,148 recovered and 2 deaths (for a total of 2,581 deaths). The bulletin also records -1,316 currently positive, +4 hospitalizations (for a total of 197) and, finally, -2 intensive therapies (for a total of 7). TUSCANY – In Tuscany there are 1,476 new Covid cases (353 confirmed with molecular swab and 1,123 by rapid antigenic test), recorded in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 1,140,291 since the beginning of the Coronavirus health emergency. New cases are 0.1% more than the previous day’s total. The healed grew by 0.2% and reached 1,096,209 (96.1% of total cases). Today 1,955 molecular swabs and 10,607 rapid antigenic swabs were performed, of which 11.7% were positive. On the other hand, 2,346 subjects were tested today (with antigenic and / or molecular swab, excluding control swabs), of which 62.9% were positive. The currently positive are 34,044 today, -1.1% compared to yesterday. The hospitalized are 381 (5 less than yesterday), of which 18 in intensive care (1 more). Today there are 3 new deaths: 2 men and one woman with an average age of 76 years.

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