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Monkeypox, Gauls: “It doesn’t seem epidemic”


Concerns about monkeypox? “This time I would not wrap my head. We are, in fact, facing a virus that does not seem to have the characteristics to set up an epidemic in the human sphere”. To say this, Massimo Galli, former director of the infectious diseases department of the Sacco hospital in Milan, at Adnkronos Salute. “We are dealing with a DNA virus, stable compared to RNA, which resembles that of smallpox but is a whole other story. And above all this pathogen did not evolve in our species, and not even in monkeys to say the truth. As far as we know at the moment: it comes directly from the animal world, creates a certain number of infections, then limits itself “, says Galli. Concerns are also alleviated by the fact that, “usually, in infected people the manifestations seem to be mild. In the US, when there was an outbreak with 70 cases in 2003, there was not even one death”. Today, he explains, “two strains are known: one from West Africa, probably transmitted by a particular large rat and which was at the origin of the 2003 cases in the United States. The other strain is that of Africa. central, which is likely transmitted through squirrels “, he adds, with a reflection:” Of the millions of animals imported from tropical areas in Europe or North America, as companionship or ‘decoration’, there may be specimens that bring us unpleasant little gifts ” For Galli, in any case, now, compared to isolated cases these days, “the point is to look for the key to the problem, to understand where the virus has come from and act accordingly”.

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