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Monkey pox, “less severe disease than chickenpox”


“In humans, monkeypox resolves on its own in a few weeks and is, in severity, even less than chickenpox.” The reassurance comes from the epidemiologist Donato Greco, for 30 years at the head of the Epidemiology Laboratory of the Higher Institute of Health, then Director General of Prevention at the Ministry of Health, now a WHO consultant and former member of the CTS in the Covid emergency. “On the contrary, chickenpox involves an extension of the vesicles all over the body and gives a high fever, while the monkeypox is almost always very localized, in the cases we are talking about in these sexually transmitted days the pustules are limited to the genital area without fever high “. Greco, one of the leading experts on health emergencies of the last 50 years – heard by Adnkronos Salute – recalls having participated, at the very end of the 1980s, in Congo in a field investigation relating to an epidemic of monkeypox .

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