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Covid, Ecdc map: Italy still all in dark red


Covid today in Italy, the whole country remains in dark red. This is the highest risk band for Coronavirus according to the latest update of the color map of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Ecdc). While in various areas of Europe the gray color is advancing, indicating a test rate of less than 600 per 100 thousand inhabitants, an insufficient level to determine the stratification of Covid risk. Dark red is the dominant color in a large part of the central block of the EU: in addition to Italy, all of France, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, Portugal to the west and Slovakia to the east are of this color. , Greece and Lithuania and Estonia. While Latvia is in a lower risk band, indicated by light red, a band in which Ireland and Iceland also pass this week and the Czech Republic is also found. Dark red remains Finland and some regions of Spain which is partly colored also light red. Predominance of yellow in Bulgaria (except for a light red area). Croatia is split between light red and gray which signals low test levels. An advancing gray that characterizes entire countries, such as Poland, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and part of Spain. For Germany, however, even in this last week “insufficient data are available” for the purposes of the map, which is processed on the basis of the new cases recorded in the last 14 days per 100 thousand inhabitants and the rate of positives among the tests carried out, weighted by the population vaccination rate.

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