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In Margherita di Savoia, a party for the Green Flag with the most popular snack for children


Safe sea and bread with oil, a snack for the heart of the little ones. These are the ‘ingredients’ with which Margherita di Savoia (Puglia) celebrated her Green Flag, the banner that flies on family-friendly beaches, selected by pediatricians through a survey conducted among a sample of 2,753 Italian and foreign white coats. The seaside resort is the only one in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani to have obtained recognition. And yesterday the municipal administration celebrated it with the ceremony for the delivery of the 2021 banner to the city, which obtains it for the third consecutive year. In the morning the flag raising on the beach. Then the talk show in the central square, on the theme of the importance of the safe beach for children, which was attended by Italo Farnetani, coordinator of the Green Flags, and the mayor Bernardo Lodispoto. How to ensure safety by the sea? “Next to the fine and clean sand, the long shallow water from the shoreline, the services dedicated to the family”, lists Farnetani, full professor of Pediatrics at the Free University of Human Sciences and Technological Sciences-United Campus of Malta, for example Margherita di Savoia has “an entirely pedestrian promenade and a ‘Collective Salvation Plan’, with the widespread presence of lifeguards and the availability of jet skis for more complex operations”. But summer is also about feeding the most A research conducted by Farnetani revealed the preferences of children, divided by region, on products of plant origin. The survey was conducted through questionnaires and telephone interviews with pediatricians, teachers, chefs and maitre of hotels and restaurants, parents and children themselves. In Puglia, bread with olive oil wins, which is the most pleasing to the little palates. smo of the town of Margherita di Savoia, to children on the beach. “This food choice – comments Farnetani – as well as being healthy from a nutritional point of view, is important because it shows that it is not true that children want to eat only packaged and advertised products, but on the contrary they prefer appetizing foods, often even the simplest ones, and above all they can be found in local and family traditions. For this reason – continues the pediatrician – given the excellent olive oil and the more than one hundred types of bread produced in the region, I invite parents and economic operators in the seaside and catering sector, not only to keep in mind the appreciation of bread with the ‘oil “as a snack for children,” but I also recommend using olive oil, preferring it to seed oil, for cooking and frying. Also considering that, among the other dishes loved by children there are breaded meat and fried and fried potatoes “.



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