• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Research, the Amplifon Study Center turns 50


May 13, 2021

From the effects of hearing problems acting as an accelerator of cognitive decline, to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic which has aggravated the psychosocial isolation of patients with dementia and hearing disorders. These are some of the topics discussed during the ‘Crs for a Healthier Future’ conference, organized from 11 to 14 May to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Amplifon Research and Studies Center (Crs Amplifon). Four days to take stock of the goals achieved by Italian research in otolaryngology and audiology and the new challenges for the future. The protagonists of the Campania stage of the symposium, on Wednesday 12 May, addressed topics such as ‘Covid 19: from the impact on the quality of life of the hearing-impaired patient to the prospects of innovation’ and ‘Territorial proximity in improving the quality of life of the hearing-impaired patient’. Among the works and medical-scientific projects on hearing disorders presented, a note mentions in particular a study by Ettore Cassandro, head of the Department of Otolaryngology, Audiology and Phoniatrics of the University of Salerno, which highlights how the hearing loss contributes to accelerating cognitive decline and leads to a progressive disuse of long-term memory. The same work also demonstrates how the daily use of an acoustic device induces improvements in cognitive performance already from the first months of use, suggesting the possibility that in the long term the greater cerebral plasticity induced by auditory stimulation can counteract or at least slow down the onset. some forms of cognitive decline. On the subject of Covid, a study by Alfredo Postiglione, full professor of Internal Medicine / Geriatrics at the Federico II University of Naples, was illustrated, which made it possible to take stock of the interruption of health care services during the pandemic and described the consequences of social isolation on the psychoemotional well-being of patients with dementia. People with hearing loss who do not use hearing devices, for example, reported the note, were further penalized by the contingent situation: the use of hearing solutions, as proven by previous research, significantly decreases levels of depression, as well as facilitating communication currently made more complex by the use of personal protective equipment and social distancing. A comparison thanks to the initiative of Amplifon specialists of fundamental reference especially for the elderly patient, continues the note. Starting from the general practitioner, the first point of contact between the citizen and the health system, passing through the geriatrician expert in accompanying the patient and directing him on his path, arriving at the otolaryngologist fundamental for the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss , with the indication, where necessary, to resort to hearing solutions. The collaboration between these experts becomes crucial in taking charge and maintaining a high quality of life of the hearing-impaired patient, especially in light of a demographic trend that the over 65s, currently equal to 9.3% of the population, reach 22 % in 2100. An increasingly senior population that has experienced the negative consequences of the pandemic the most, such as social isolation exacerbated by the social distancing imposed by the lockdown, and hearing difficulties made evident by the impossibility of bioleading, given the adoption of personal protective equipment. “The conclusions of the comparison between the experts present demonstrated once again how communication and collaboration between the various specialists and health professionals who revolve around the care path of the patient with hearing loss is fundamental to prevent and treat effectively the hearing loss – says Fabrizio Alfieri, Crs Amplifon director, regarding the Campania appointment – As an Amplifon Research and Study Center we are therefore proud to be able to offer doctors, experts and health professionals moments of confrontation like this, organized on the occasion of the celebration of 50 years del Crs. The publication of the studies discussed confirms that there are still several aspects that need to be investigated, and encourages us to continue to invest and support research and scientific dissemination in the otological and audiological fields “. Two other symposia dedicated respectively to the territories of Emilia Romagna and Lombardy were organized for 13 and 14 May.