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Ancorotti (Cosmetica Italia): ‘Strength and a smile, a story of generosity’


“The strength and the smile is an activity that deserves to be told with competence and in detail, just as it was done today by the excellent speakers. Because it is a story that speaks of generosity and a spirit of volunteering and, at the at the same time, of professionalism and preparation. Sponsoring and supporting this project is a source of great pride and satisfaction for our association and, collectively, for our sector. To have the opportunity to meet and be able to confront with personalities of the caliber of those who have intervened today It was a great opportunity to highlight, in the eyes of a wider audience, the fundamental values ​​of the world of cosmetics, fully represented by The strength and the smile, as well as the confirmation of the importance of this initiative. to the 18,000 given by the smiles of the women who have participated in the workshops in recent years “. Thus Renato Ancorotti, president of Cosmetica Italia, the national association of cosmetic companies that has sponsored the project of La Forza e il Sorriso Onlus since its foundation, at the end of the round table within the event ‘The value of self-care in oncological therapy course ‘, which was held today at Palazzo Ferrajoli, in the heart of Rome. “Cosmetica Italia believes in and supports the Strength and Smile project – underlined Ancorotti – because the cosmetics sector is based on three pillars: economic, we represent 11 billion euros in turnover; scientific, because behind every formulation there is a safe and quality product; social, and Strength and a smile represent the social part of our sector “. According to Ancorotti, cosmetics for women who are facing an anticancer treatment “are not at all a symbol of frivolity. On the contrary, they have an important social function”, reiterated the president of Cosmetica Italia: “Not only is it not a sign of lightness – she specified – but in these situations it helps to renew the self-esteem that is destroyed by a tragedy, such as cancer. Cosmetics for these women is very important to regain confidence in themselves and to face life with more serenity “. “Cosmetics – concluded Ancorotti – is the flagship of Made in Italy, like fashion and food, and is very important for our GDP. The Italian cosmetics industry has a turnover of 11 billion which with the ‘entire supply chain reaches about 33 billion euros, a figure that supports the recovery of the country even in this post-pandemic phase “.



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