• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Covid, ISS studies long-coverage vaccine


May 13, 2021

Long-coverage anti-covid vaccine, clinical trial of a potential model at the Higher Institute of Health. The vaccine “is currently in the preclinical study phase, on animal models, and this phase has not yet been completed. The research has not been stopped, but is following the normal consolidation process as for all other potential vaccine models”, he specifies. the same ISS, in relation to the press reports on the vaccine. “The possible long duration of vaccination coverage obviously – explains the ISS – is not yet supported by scientific evidence, but is based on literature data and during development the need for integration with current vaccination technologies is not excluded ( mRna vaccines). Furthermore, the current phase does not allow for a quantitative estimate of the efficacy and effective duration of vaccination coverage “. The ISS vaccine technology under study “is based on the activation of immunity induced by Cd8 T cells, it is original compared to the others in use and further possible developments are being studied”. The Institute, “in recognizing the potential of research , has systematically supported the requests for funding necessary for its development and has deemed it appropriate, moreover, to protect it by filing an additional patent application to possibly guarantee its use for the protection of public health “, concludes the ISS.