• Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Multiple sclerosis campaign, virtual castings in search of ‘ambassadors’


May 13, 2021

‘Io non sclero’ starts again, the information and awareness project on multiple sclerosis, to recruit ‘Ambassadors’ from the large online community formed over the years and to testify to everyone that it is possible to get out of the chaos of the present. And to do so he chose a new way: virtual castings. Now in its 7th edition, the initiative developed by Biogen and Fondazione Onda, the National Observatory on Women’s and Gender Health, in collaboration with the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association (Aism) and with the patronage of the Italian Society of neurology (Sin) this year has decided to focus on the stories and teachings of those who have learned to govern the daily uncertainty caused by the disease, asking people to apply to become ‘Ambassadors’ of the messages of strength and hope that have always characterized the community of ‘Io non sclero’. The initiative is launched by Matteo Caccia, author and conductor, historical travel companion of the project: “Today, when we find ourselves in the balance and disoriented by the pandemic context – he says – we can find a way out of the daily uncertainty, and to do so we need stories that teach us to take the first step. In recent years I have learned that anyone living with multiple sclerosis (MS) is an expert, because they are able to renew themselves every time and not get lost. And today more than ever we need stories like these to find inspiration and get back on the road “. From 10 May to 30 June, people with SM will be able to participate in the casting of # IoNonSclero2021 by going to the website www.iononsclero.it and choosing the way they prefer to present themselves: through a photo with a caption, an illustration, a poem, a text. Defeating the fear of the invisible enemy, learning to ask for help, managing difficulties related to mobility, are just some of the themes through which people with SM will tell how they managed to find their way in the daily uncertainty caused by the disease and help anyone who finds it difficult to take the first step outside the network. At the close of the casting of # IoNonSclero2021, the jury of ‘Io non sclero ” will select 3 winning contributions that will become the protagonists of a special video story and, at its sole discretion, will assign 6 special mentions, which will go to co create 3 exclusive articles. “Stories and sharing experiences have always been the strength of the ‘Io non sclero’ project – comments Francesca Merzagora, president of Fondazione Onda – stories of resilience and courage of people who have never given up despite the Sm. The pandemic has made us aware that together we can overcome moments of crisis, the unexpected ones, in which all our certainties collapse. We can all do it, in our daily life, by sharing our stories and our weaknesses. The people with SM have taught us this in recent years, who have shown us that the disease is an uncomfortable life partner, which however remains in the background while projects, small and big dreams continue to live and color the future “. The ‘Ambassadors’ will have the task of bringing the strength and hope that distinguish the stories of people with SM beyond the confines of the community, which today has over 77,800 followers who share stories of projects and dreams on the Facebook page every day. “Exchange and sharing among patients are very important tools, not only to respond to the need for help and support – says Francesco Vacca, national president of Aism – but also to bring to light the many difficulties that people with MS face every day . With the Covid emergency we have all lived a very complex period. But now is the time to start again and do it better than before. The stories of courage and positivity give us the key to change perspective and find the strength to move forward towards new goals “.” Over the last 7 years the ‘Io non sclero’ project has allowed people with SM to make their voice and strength heard in facing different challenges and new goals every day. The thousands of stories and comments collected, especially in an extra-ordinary moment like the one we are experiencing – says Giuseppe Banfi, CEO of Biogen Italia – are the testimony that, in the face of difficulties, you can always find a way to renew yourself, to start over. This is why it is time to step outside the confines of the community and convey these positive messages to as many people as possible. As a pioneer company in neuroscience, we are proud to be able to continue supporting a project like ‘Io non sclero’, which allows those living with the disease to express themselves first of all as people, as well as being able to offer continuous research on therapies, capable of to improve the quality of life of people with MS “.