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Green pass, Rasi: “Obliged, vaccinated must enjoy benefits”


The use of the Green pass, as a constraint for access to a range of activities, “is a must, because the 25-30 million Italians who finally decided to get vaccinated have every right to fully enjoy the benefits of this choice. And therefore to have the possibility of accessing any activity for themselves and the guarantee that those who cannot be vaccinated for valid reasons or are waiting for their turn are protected from environments in which there is certainty not to get infected “. To reiterate this to Adnkronos Salute is Guido Rasi, former executive director of the European Medicines Agency Ema and consultant to the extraordinary commissioner for the coronavirus emergency, General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, speaking on the ongoing debate regarding the Green pass and the ways in which will be used concretely, which should be defined by the government in days. Read also “IT IS OBLIGATION TO TEACHERS” “For teachers, first of all an ethical problem arises: a teacher who does not get vaccinated also worries me about what teaching he can give to his students. The other concern is to guarantee safety in the classrooms. to variants of “Sars-CoV-2” that will turn. Because we will get to the Omega, and the alphabet is long. So even if it should be taken for granted that a person who does this job has the cultural means to understand that he has to get the vaccine , if he really does not do it, that it is mandatory. Hoping that he will come to his senses and provide a valid education and example to his students “, continues Rasi.” From the age of 12 we will not have time to vaccinate everyone – he observes – assuming that the 50-60 year old children who have not been vaccinated will have their children do it. In fact, we expect that adults who have not wanted the vaccine for themselves will not immunize their children either. teacher himself who is exposed to pos hissing variations that will continue to exist “. “Really, it should be taken for granted to want to get vaccinated”, he stresses. EUROPEAN AND FIREWORKS “WRITTEN DESTINY” “It was a written destiny” that Covid outbreaks would arrive linked to the ‘blue nights’, to the crowds that gathered to watch the matches of the European football championships and celebrate the victory of Italy. “Not surprisingly, the range of infected is from 10 to 29 years. Let’s see what happens. In the next 10 days we will know if this will result in hospitalizations and of what severity, or not”, explains Rasi to Adnkronos. they have been linked to events linked to the European football championships – one for example in Rome – Rasi expects on the front of the trend of the epidemic in the coming days “that there will be an increase” also in hospitalizations. “But if the infected are only unvaccinated young people, hospitalization may not be massive – he points out – We know that for every 7-year-old age group, there is a step up in terms of hospitalizations and severity of the disease. that above all the low end is involved means only more infections but no more hospitalizations. Young people, however, it must be remembered, are less vulnerable, not invulnerable “, remarks. THIRD DOSE” I agree with the European Medicines Agency Ema and not I find it surprising how she expressed herself. The third dose of “Covid vaccine” must be based on an assumption: that there is a documented drop in immunity at the population level and that a third dose is actually an advantage with respect to the variants we have. and at present there are no conditions to say that it is necessary. We need to start doing a series of studies and it is perfectly right to be prepared but at the moment, with the data we have, there is no reason to believe that the time has come for a third dose “, explains Rasi.” On the current variants it is known that the complete vaccination with two doses is sufficient – highlights the expert – so there is no need to do a third dose unless a variant arrives that largely eludes current vaccines then a third dose that includes the new variant that we do not yet know would be an option to consider. But at present, no. “What Rasi defines useful, however, is” to start doing a series of studies to see the state of immunity of the population starting from the most fragile and from people who for various reasons have a weakening of the immunological response and for which a faster decay is assumed. On these specific populations it is worth starting to consider a third dose “. Another point:” We know that the vaccine works in 94-95% of cases. We could begin to evaluate that 6% of non-responders by trying to understand if there are any parameters to identify them and if the third dose is what little was needed to transform them into responders. the organizational machine alerted. This does credit to the institutions that have thought of it, but right now there is no reason to launch the third dose. Then, faced with convincing data, if they are provided to us “by pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer who announced them,” it will be evaluated.



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