• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Restrictions and colors Regions, anesthetists: “Parameter reviews are fine”


May 12, 2021

“We agree with a review of the parameters that go towards a simplification and a greater weight regarding the occupation of beds in intensive care. We have been asking for it for a year and now, if we go in this direction, we can only be satisfied “. This was stated to Adnkronos Health Alessandro Vergallo, national president of the Italian hospital anesthetists association, Aaroi-Emac, commenting on the rumors that emerged from the meeting between the Government and the Regions on the new mechanism to define the restrictions according to the impact of epidemic. Read also “We have always said that the weight of the tracing with the swabs, and therefore the Rt index is very linked to the number of tests that are done – he continues – Today it is more logical to review this parameter and give more importance to what happens in the hospitals, the situation of Covid resuscitation “.” We are witnessing, as we had predicted, a slow decline in the number of ICU admissions. This decline travels much slower than in previous waves. We are in the order of 30- 40 beds a day that free them. We could say that the resuscitation situation is calmer but the national figure today, 1,992 people in intensive care (-64 from yesterday), does not make us rest assured because it is still high and we are not out of danger “, he stressed again to Adnkronos Salute Vergallo.” There are two factors that diversify the current situation compared to previous waves and therefore also this much slower decline – observes Verga llo – a greater spread of the virus throughout the territory and a greater movement of people compared to the 2020 lockdown. In fact, during the first wave the ratio between the number of Covid hospitalizations in intensive care compared to the total was 1 to 10, in recent months it is status 1 to 8. Therefore – the president of the anesthetists’ union remarks – we are seeing an improvement but not so evident, here we are, while recognizing the need for reopening, we always recommend great caution. A swing on these dynamics also prevents the rescheduling of non-Covid hospital activities which – he concludes – have suffered serious delays and must return to normal for the good of patients “.