NewsHealthCovid, Puoti: "Hospitalized not vaccinated and no vax"

Covid, Puoti: “Hospitalized not vaccinated and no vax”


Today at the Niguarda hospital in Milan “there are 13 hospitalized for Covid, 4 in intensive care and 9 in ordinary hospitalization in infectious diseases. The patients who arrive now are mainly unvaccinated and, to a lesser extent, not vaccinated with the full cycle, therefore only with the first dose. Most did not do either first or second. Not all are no vax, there are those who have not had time to get vaccinated “. Massimo Puoti, Infectious Diseases Director of the Niguarda, tells it to Adnkronos Salute. “Among the 9 hospitalized in ordinary hospitalization there are those who openly declared that they did not want to get the vaccine. They are a bit of all age groups, there are those who have repented and those who remain convinced, irreducible. And he says: ok now I get the disease and that’s okay. These have a lower average age, around 50-60 years. But not only that: even a very old person, 90 years old, admitted that he didn’t want to get the vaccine. An autonomous person, albeit alone, is aware of this possibility, but has not deliberately grasped it “. Can you be no vax at 90? Certainly not like the activists who daily fill social media with interventions that theorize the worst from shield injections, but stubbornly say no to protect themselves apparently yes. “Probably because of the philosophy of life”, observes the specialist. In the case of intensive care it is “more difficult to trace an identikit. The hospitalizations are very long – observes Puoti – and yes, there are people who have not been vaccinated, but have been in hospital for weeks. But now the picture is clear: to catch this disease in a serious form today are in particular and to a maximum extent the unvaccinated. Therefore it is important to complete the vaccination cycles in as many people as possible as soon as possible. Or in September we too could see an increase in hospitalizations “, game strength , “if the infections increase”. A concept that is also reaffirmed abroad. According to reports from the ‘New York Times’ online, for example, the director of the US CDC Rochelle P. Walensky, called what is now underway the “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. The Delta variant, concludes Niguarda’s infectious disease specialist, “appears to be highly contagious. We intercept it in at least 50% of patients and this percentage is destined to increase. situation remains under control “.



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