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Boehringer Ingelheim celebrates 50 years of activity in Italy


Boehringer Ingelheim, a multinational family pharmaceutical company with more than 1,000 employees in Italy, a commercial office, 2 production plants and a capillary network throughout the territory, celebrates 50 years of activity in our country by reiterating its commitment to contribute to the construction of a healthier and more sustainable future for future generations. The company, engaged in the field of human and animal health, of which it is the second largest operator in the world, plays an important role in the economy of our country, as highlighted by the report ‘Boehringer Ingelheim for Italy’ on economic and social value and environment generated by the company for the country system in 2021, created by Kpmg, presented today in Milan which certifies investments in Italy for 22 million euros, of which 5 million in clinical trials. Boehringer Ingelheim’s – a note reports – is a pact signed with the community, which focuses on three pillars: Health, Environment, Value for the community (‘More Health, More Green and More Potential’). As regards human and animal health, the ‘More Health’ chapter includes the significant investments planned in Research & Development, in new production technologies and in clinical studies. The commitments to protect the environment are summarized in the ‘More Green’ chapter, which sets itself environmental sustainability objectives in a One Health perspective, aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, reducing energy impact and protecting water. The Value generated for the community is instead at the center of the ‘More Potential’ chapter, which focuses on partnership, on the development of people and on the promotion of diversity and inclusion in the world of work, through a “3 G” approach (Gender, Geography, Generations). “Boehringer Ingelheim is today one of the most important production companies in the sector and I do not think these results have been achieved by chance”, declared the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti. “I repeat that research, advanced investments and hard work are needed, all elements essential for a successful recipe. But I know that the company also focuses on other aspects, apparently collateral but no less strategic, such as environmental sustainability, ethics and corporate culture, bringing the person back to the pivot of processes and choices. “” I join to the choir of wishes for these 50 years of Boehringer Ingehleim in Italy – declares the vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, Andrea Mandelli – and I want to thank the company for its commitment in our country and for its ability to invest in our country. Italy, taking up the PNRR challenge, has a commitment to become even more attractive for companies, whose investments we need. I would therefore like to underline how, at this moment, the partnership between public and private is important to accept and overcome the challenges that the pandemic has launched to the world. “As certified by Kmpg, in 2021 Boehringer Ingelheim invested 22 million euros in Italy. , of which 5 million in clinical trials, with increasing investments in production centers and constantly contributing to the growth and development of the territory. Last year the company generated a direct, indirect and induced added value for Italy of 276 million euros, with a concrete and positive impact on the gross domestic product (for every euro of direct, indirect and induced added value, 0.99 euros of GDP are generated) and with a virtuous circle also in terms of employment: for each Boehringer Ingelheim employee 2 jobs were created throughout the country, for a total of 3,143 jobs activated. Boehringer Ingelheim Italia participates in 43% of clinical trials launched globally and in 47% of research projects that have reached phase 3. Morena Sangiovanni, president of Boehringer Ingelheim Italia – recalled, in this regard, how the company “in the last 50 years it has grown to become a reality of almost 1,000 collaborators which has two production sites, in Fornovo Sangiovanni and Noventa Padovana, and a commercial office in Milan. Since our foundation we have been operating with the aim of growing together with the country, with a view to partnership and with constant attention to mutual value. Consistent with this vision – she underlined – last year we invested over 22 million euros in Italy, 5 of which in Research and Development, and, through related activities, we generated over 2 jobs for each Boehringer employee. Ingelheim. This is the spirit with which we look to the future, with the aim of continuing to bring value to the community and contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow for the next generations. “Boehringer Ingelheim is present in 130 markets and is a world leader in contract manufacturing. of biopharmaceuticals. In 2021, the company invested 4.1 billion in R&D (+ 11.7% compared to 2020) and the net turnover was 20.6 billion (+ 5.4% compared to 2020). Last year saw pipeline enhancement and many medical advances including 3 Breakthrough Therapy designations granted by the US FDA to innovative drugs in the Human Pharma sector. The company also plans to invest over 25 billion euros in Research & Development globally over the next five years; capital expenditures are foreseen for new production technologies and a state-of-the-art supply network, with investments of over 7 billion euros. The goal is to support and accelerate Human Pharma’s pipeline, which could lead to 15 new product launches by 2025. In the Animal Pharma sector, the foundations have been laid for the launch, between 2022 and 2023, of new solutions for pets and farm animals. “At Boehringer Ingelheim, we see innovation as a tool to improve lives. This is why we invest around 20% of our 2021 turnover in R&D and we will invest over 25 billion euros in this area over the next 5 years. Thus, we aspire to identify and make available innovative therapies in areas where large medical needs still remain unanswered – said Hubertus von Baumbach, Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of Boehringer Ingelheim, who adds: “All this stems from our commitment to transform the lives of people and animals for the better. Since 1972, our colleagues in Italy have contributed to the realization of our aspiration. Today, we celebrate the achievements of the past 50 years. I have no doubts that what we have seen so far is only the beginning and that the best is yet to come. “In accordance with the sustainable development goals established by the United Nations, the company – concludes the note – has activated a series of initiatives, which it constantly updates and implements. Among the most significant objectives: the commitment to become carbon neutral by 2030 and to purchase 100% of the necessary energy from renewable sources; the protection of water reserves and the ‘health’ of the waters; the allocation of a fund of 130 million euros, dedicated to special decarbonisation, water protection and circular economy projects, which has already contributed to the launch of about 40 new environmental sustainability projects from 2020. Consistent with this vision, today it was inaugurated in Milan the new Italian headquarters of Boehringer Ingelheim which houses the offices of the Human Pharma and Animal Pharma Business Units. The building is Leed-Platinum certified, the highest certification obtainable in terms of sustainability and eco-compatibility and Well-Bronze in terms of occupants’ health and well-being, falling within the scope of actions aimed at improving and consolidating the green footprint. corporate.


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