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Covid and masks, delete them or not? What the experts say


Covid today in Italy and masks, can they also be removed indoors or is it better to keep them still? And if so, everywhere or only in some situations? From Galli to Clementi passing through Lopalco, here’s what the experts think. Read also Galli “The pandemic is not over. If you can stay away from Sars-Cov-2 it is an excellent thing, both for the elderly and the frail, who still risk, but also for young people who may face long Covid . A tool to stay away – imperfect, but important – is the mask “. And in particular the Ffp2. Massimo Galli, former director of Infectious Diseases at the Sacco hospital in Milan, told Adnkronos Health in particular, “I would be careful not to abolish it on public transport at this time. With the cancellation of this measure, in fact, we will put many people fragile in the condition of exposing themselves to risk using public transport “.” The surgical mask – remembers Galli – protects the people we meet from our virus emissions. But for a protection that significantly reduces the risk of getting infected, we must use the Ffp2 “, continues Galli, giving an example: “the helmet for motorcyclists is an instrument of protection in the event of a fall. The Ffp2 is, in the same way, an individual protection instrument that limits the possibility of becoming infected even though, unfortunately, we know that it does not work 100%, just as there is no helmet that can withstand a very serious accident. But we don’t throw it away for this. mask warns – especially if we are talking about people who may have fragile conditions, despite vaccinations, and people who have never been vaccinated “. Clementi “At this moment I would not feel like saying absolutely no to masks and stopping their use everywhere. In my opinion it depends on the area we are in. In more risky contexts, such as transport, they should still be used and this could make the difference even in an intermediate situation like the present one “. Massimo Clementi, director of the Laboratory of Microbiology and Virology of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan, underlines this at Adnkronos Salute. “If in an open space the mask is totally useless, and it was even before when it was mandatory , in a closed environment some factors must be considered. For example, the possibility of ventilating the room in question, or how much this closed place is frequented, by how many people. I am thinking mainly of transport, both subways and surface vehicles, which they are often very crowded, especially those frequented by students. Here, the mandatory use of the mask “I would keep it more on public transport than at school, which is a more controlled environment and where perhaps there is spacing and adequate ventilation of the premises. Ultimately, I think that at this moment we still need a little caution for some specific areas “. General crowding situations must guide the use of protection. And in this case, a shopping street can also be. Or in some shops where gatherings of many people can be created. Here it would be very useful for people to have self-regulation “, for a sort of ‘bon ton’ of the mask to be established.” It would be useful – concludes Clementi – for people to always keep it at hand and use it as needed “, beyond the obligations or not.” Because it can happen suddenly to find yourself in a crowded and more risky context, especially in a big city “. Lopalco” We will be able to abandon the use of masks indoors when the viral circulation of Sars-Cov-2 will be lower, now it would be wrong. Opinions don’t count on certain topics. The masks are useful and there is scientific evidence about it. The science is clear. ”The epidemiologist Pier Luigi Lopalco, professor of Hygiene at the University of Salento, explains this to Adnkronos Salute, recalling in particular the advantages of Ffp2, which protect both the wearer and the people around us. For Lopalco one can agree that a very contagious pathogen, such as the ‘Omicron family’ can be, “is not blocked only with masks, but the possible message that these are not needed is not only scientifically wrong but also dangerous for public health “. These protections are valid for different pathogens, including Omicron:” the principle is always the same: surgical masks mainly serve to limit the likelihood of infecting others, while the Ffp2 also offer good protection to whoever wears them. “Viola The Ffp2 mask?” Nobody should put it aside and when I say nobody I am also referring to those who had the disease a few months ago and think they can take it off feeling im mune. Nothing more wrong. Indoors you have to protect yourself, the Ffp2 is also effective against Omicron. We see more and more contagious variants appear and even vaccinated people risk becoming infected. Circulation is sustained and is also demonstrated by the appearance of recombinant strains that originate in people infected with two different viruses “, according to Antonella Viola, immunologist, scientific director of the Città della Speranza pediatric research institute in Padua, in an interview in the ‘Corriere della Sera’. “I think that in this phase – continues the immunologist – we feel too calm. It is worth making a small sacrifice by covering your nose and mouth when entering closed places. Getting sick with Covid, even for those vaccinated with three doses, is not a painless experience. It can come out with unpleasant consequences. A slow recovery, tiredness, difficulty in regaining taste and smell, effects on the heart, nervous system and metabolism. Furthermore, there is the possibility of reinfecting with Omicron after having contracted the variant that preceded it, Delta “. As for the appearance of recombinations of the virus, the result of the mixing of gene fragments of two sub-variants of Omicron,” I don’t see big dangers. In a few months, Omicron took over. It’s different now. The first recombinant viruses were sequenced in January and cases have not increased. It shouldn’t be an emerging danger, “she concludes.


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