School, Galli: “Teachers are not required to vaccinate, assess service suitability”

“I think that at this moment talking about the vaccination obligation for teachers is not even that productive. In case you could decide to evaluate the suitability or not for the service if people are not vaccinated”. This is the opinion of Massimo Galli, head of infectious diseases at the Sacco hospital in Milan, who however invites us to consider not only the vaccine, but also “the immune status of teachers, evaluating the presence of antibodies”, he explains to Adnkronos Health. Read also “There are vaccinated who do not have antibodies and unvaccinated who have it and do not need to vaccinate – underlines the expert – You can evaluate the immune status of these people, who are many, but not many. And it is a possible thing to do, if you want to do it “, says Galli, adding that this modality is useful to protect everyone. Because “there may be people who have greater risks than others, who have vaccinated themselves and responded inadequately, and probably should be reassigned with respect to certain tasks”.

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