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University, 14 thousand places in Medicine: ‘extra study’ advice to pass tests


There are 2 months left to the entrance test for the Faculty of Medicine 2021 and thousands of children will spend the summer on books. Registration closes on July 22nd and from today it is possible to register through the Universitaly portal. According to the ministerial announcement, 14,020 places are available, a provisional number awaiting confirmation. On 12 July at 12 the Consulcesi legal and training network will organize a webinar to better understand the announcement. In fact, every year – explains Consulcesi in a note – due to an incorrect reading of the announcement, many run into even serious errors which sometimes even resulted in the cancellation of the test. It is possible to follow the webinar on the Facebook page Consulcesi Club. Meanwhile, to support the youngsters, the psychotherapist of Giorgio Nardone, the neurologist Maria Cristina Gori and the nutritionist Marika Picardi have created a support course that selects the best advice for the study, offers exercises on how to manage anxiety and information on the nutritional properties of foods to be consumed to be focused and sleep well. A team of specialists who responded to the Consulcesi call to create a useful tool for aspiring healthcare professionals to better manage their resources and pass the test, available on The first module deals with the ‘study advice’ and the indications suggest a modality based on the psychology of learning. Starting from the global reading to stimulate the overall cognitive perception. Then a second more analytical reading in which to read carefully, trying to fully understand the contents and highlight a few key lines per page, which lead back to the general topic. The last phase is defined as mnemonic anchoring and consists in rereading the highlighted lines for each chapter, verifying that the contents come back to mind. For subjects with many formulas and data, you can also make a schematic representation at the end of each chapter, then learn ‘how to manage anxiety’. A completely normal feeling when we have to face important moments in our life, and which in the right doses can improve performance. If, on the other hand, it becomes pathological, the effect is decidedly negative. Experts propose the worst fantasy exercise: imagining a catastrophic situation brings your mind back to positive thoughts due to the effect called the transmarginal effect.Moreover, it is important for experts to ‘not underestimate sleep’ to preserve your cognitive functions. If you are rested, your mind will function much better and the time required for learning will be shorter. How to get restful sleep? The National Sleep Foundation has determined the appropriate number of hours based on the age group. Young adults between 18 and 25 years of age should sleep 7 to 9 hours a night, with an allowable range of 6 to 10. Finally, ‘pay attention to nutrition’. Emotions are related to intestinal functions and the stress response can lead to intestinal dysbiosis conditions, reducing the absorption of nutrients and promoting anxiety. In the long run, the search for food creates digestive discomfort, up to episodes of gastric reflux or irritable bowel syndrome, in a vicious circle of anxiety and stress. The advice is to eat slowly and at regular times, limit the consumption of fats and avoid alcohol, coffee, spicy spices and acidic foods. The course indicates 5 golden rules and nutrients that must not be missing in the student’s diet.



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