• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Covid vaccine, how to behave after doses?


May 10, 2021

Covid vaccine and doses administered in Italy, how to behave after inoculation? As the population of vaccinated people increases, the doubts and questions of those who – thanks to the shield injection – want to know what conduct to adopt in the new course also grow. One of the most popular questions? If you can get infected after getting the Covid vaccine. “Yes, it is possible. But now that a lot of data is starting to come out on this topic and we can say that there are very few cases, which can be counted on the fingertips. This happens because even the best vaccine has a coverage of 96-97% and if you are in that residual 3-4% there is a possibility of getting sick. But thank goodness it is a more theoretical possibility than anything else “. It is Mario Clerici, professor of immunology at the University of Milan and scientific director of the Don Gnocchi Foundation, who responds to the main curiosities of Italians struggling with vaccination. Read also Is the risk of getting sick more concrete after the first dose? “The second dose undoubtedly optimizes the power of the immune response – explains Clerici to Adnkronos Salute – The risk of contracting Covid is a little higher when you have only one dose, but also after the first single injection. reported cases of disease are few. It is a possibility, then, that will gradually become more and more remote. Once herd immunity is achieved, it will not happen again because there will be no circulation of the virus “. But, apart from the disease, after the second dose can I still be an unconscious carrier of the virus? “It is never an exact science, but it is highly unlikely: if you are vaccinated you tend not to get infected and you do not transmit the virus. At this moment it is more young people who are not yet immunized, who go out and become infected. Then they get infected. perhaps, being often asymptomatic, they infect others. One thing must be specified: even if the vaccinated do not seem capable of infecting, my invitation is to continue with caution, from masks to distances for a little longer. We are careful in the coming months. , let’s keep going until September and then we’ll see. “Another frequently asked question: do vaccinated people have to swab in case of symptoms or contacts with a positive? “It seems to me an excess of security. If a person is vaccinated and has symptoms similar to Covid, it is much more likely that it is flu or another virus such as a rotavirus or a parvovirus that give similar symptoms – says Clerici – If for safety you want do the swab you do it, but it will be difficult for it to be Sars-CoV-2. The same in case of contact with positive: it seems excessive “. For the immunologist it is perhaps useful” that 6-7 clear points are put together on what vaccinated people have to do. We need a handbook and I suppose the CTS is thinking about it or will think about it “. A last recurring question is: did I get Covid, do I get vaccinated? “Yes – replies Clerici – because the immune response induced by the infection is weaker than that induced by the vaccine. Now it seems that the latest data indicate that a single dose is enough to perfect the response of the recovered. The Johnson & Johnson single-dose would therefore be ideal. in these cases “, he concludes.