At the Gemelli Molise Tac innovative for faster examinations and less radiation

The Gemelli Molise hospital inaugurates a new Tac equipment, with a double tube, which makes the method much faster and much safer for the patient. It is one of the very few machines of this type on the national scene, of the highest range, which allows for much more accurate investigations. Thus allowing an early diagnosis of various pathologies – but in particular cardiovascular and oncological ones – at a lower cost in terms of exposure to ionizing radiation. Results that translate into concrete benefits for patients, such as a reduction in the radiation dose delivered and the risk of errors in the workflow. The new Tac, so far only available in 4 centers in the South – reports a note – now enriches the equipment of the Gemelli Molise, confirming the hospital’s vocation to be increasingly at the forefront in the field of diagnostic imaging. “The applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare – says Celeste Condorelli Ad Gemelli Molise – are a reality in which the hospital is heavily investing. The new tomograph is a concrete example of our continuous effort to offer the best possible diagnostic quality, to aim for excellence and become a reference point in the center of the South. patients, contributing to greater personalization and optimization of therapies “. In fact, the new Tac allows to obtain accurate information using a very low dose of ionizing radiation. A machine capable of performing exams offering multiple benefits for patients. Among the most important are the speed of execution, the reduced doses of the contrast medium, a greater applicability, and an excellent quality of the diagnostic test. For this reason it can also be used in screening and prevention programs. “The new Tac has cardiovascular and oncology as its main areas of application – explains Roberto Iezzi, director of Uoc Radiodiagnostica Gemelli Molise -. In particular, from today it will be possible to carry out virtually and without invasive investigations, examinations of the coronary arteries, the colon, the vocal cords, avoiding complex invasive procedures in selected cases. The high resolution and scanning speed allow, in fact, to generate ultra-thin slices (up to 0.5 mm) both in routine examinations and in more advanced applications, such as in more accurate analysis of stenoses, plates and stents “. The new tomograph – underlines the note – therefore responds to the current diagnostic needs of Gemelli Molise in various fields of application, from oncological, neurological, cardiovascular imaging to the more complex applications in the emergency field. “The arrival of the new CT scan – adds Massimo Massetti, director of the Cardiovascular Sciences Department of Gemelli Molise – will allow us to analyze the entire cardiovascular district in a single scan as well as patients at all heart rates and in atrial fibrillation thanks to the temporal resolution of 66 ms. Thanks to the 78 cm diameter of the bore and the power of the generator of 240kW, we can also take care of particularly complex patients, such as the very obese, without any sedation. “The new technology allows cardiac scans to be carried out even in high conditions. frequencies and therefore, to be able to treat patients in acute chest pain conditions in the morphological study of coronary arteries and in the evaluation and quantification of cardiac function. There are 4 Somatom Forc computerized tomographs installed in southern Italy: from today one is also in Molise. ” last year, Gemelli Molise has completely renewed its technology park co – concludes Vincenzo Valentini, Scientific Director of Gemelli Molise -. A few months ago we inaugurated the new linear accelerator for radiotherapy, today this latest generation CT scan and in the near future there will be other innovations, which will also have a positive impact on research activities “.

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