Pani’s (former Dg Aifa) report: “My American vaccine is not valid in Italy”

“Dear user, at the moment the American Green pass is not valid in Italy and we have not foreseen the possibility of issuing the Green pass for vaccination abroad except for legal workers. Best regards”. The former director general of the Italian drug agency Aifa, Luca Pani, now a professor at the University of Miami in the States and Modena in Italy, was replied via email from the Immuni Call Center. It is one of the dead ends in which you can come across trying to navigate the jungle of Covid certifications. Cones of shadow that are beginning to emerge with the passage from laws to facts and with the concrete launch of the digital green card. “When asked how can I prove that I got the vaccine in another non-EU country to get the Green pass? No comment …”, Pani observes disconsolately on Twitter. “Basically they are telling me that my American vaccine, the same as the one authorized in the EU, is not valid in Italy”, explains the expert contacted by Adnkronos Salute. Pani had to reach Italy, he got the vaccine in December in the USA (Moderna) and tried to have it recognized. “I did not succeed – he says – Right now I am right here in Italy, to enter I did a test with a negative result and I took a Covid free flight. And then I filled out a form with all the data to be traceable by the health authority. I take the path of the unvaccinated, even if when I travel I carry the vaccination certificate of the US CDC with me, and I wonder how can I, as an American citizen, have the correspondent for the Green pass? someone who reports to me via social media citing passages of the decree “with which the Green pass was launched. “I don’t know that. I just know that I tried and didn’t succeed.” Pani wanted to point out the hitch because, he explains, “the problem is not so much I am an ‘Italian-American’ and I know how to move in a place that is familiar to me, but perhaps the tourists”. Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation, also asks this, citing Pani’s tweet: “How will the tourists from the US who are all waiting with open arms get to arrive?”, Reads his comment. “The Americans – observes Pani – want to come to Italy, they say they adore Italy more than any nation in the world. It is therefore unfortunate that there may be involuntary bureaucratic complications. abroad would have liked to cross national borders and stay in our country for various reasons “, strengthened by the successful injection of the shield. “Why didn’t we organize immediately to facilitate everything? This, on the contrary, makes life difficult”.

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