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10 things to know between vaccines and holidays, a guide to healthy holidays


The first summer with ‘vaccine in progress’ has begun. Immunized tourists, as well as those waiting for the first or second dose, pack their suitcase and feed a flow of trips that, by September, is estimated to be close to 39 million travelers between Italians and foreigners, with an increase of about 12% compared to last summer. Yes to travel, therefore, but it is necessary to keep your guard up, both before and after vaccination, and to be aware of all those practical behaviors, of those micronutrients and of those substances that can help limit the risk of contagion, increase the defenses of the immune system and in particular the respiratory tract. Thus was born the practical guide “Summer, I’m ready”: an initiative that is part of the educational campaign ‘Protect your lungs’, promoted by Zambon Italia. The vademecum, developed by Maria Pia Foschino Barbaro, Director of the Respiratory System Diseases Operating Unit of the Policlinico Riuniti of Foggia – reports a note – draws up a list of the ’10 things to know and do for a responsible summer’ : from nutrition to physical activity, from means of transport to mental well-being and air conditioning, up to the possibility of increasing the immune defenses of the respiratory tract. “The health emergency is not over yet and, both before and after your vaccination round, it is good to adopt responsible and not passive behavior. This means – explains Foschino Barbaro – taking care of your body and protecting your lungs first of all. and the respiratory tract, increasing their defenses against viruses and bacteria. These are simple precautions, which should not be forgotten, even on vacation: I summarized them in the practical guide ‘Summer, I’m ready’, which we can all put into practice to strengthen the immune system and counteract the oxidation of the respiratory system, thus making the very vital practice of prevention its own. “The key to fighting oxidative stress and increasing the immune defenses passes from a substance produced by the liver, which represents a powerful natural antioxidant. “Clinical practice in these months of pandemic has allowed us to discover – explains the professor – how in patients with pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome there are particularly low levels of glutathione: it is further proof of how much the main antioxidant of human cells is directly linked to the body’s ability to increase the defenses of the respiratory tract and how important it is to be able to stimulate its endogenous production “. “The use of NAcetylcysteine ​​can thus be of help: an antioxidant molecule that derives from a natural amino acid and is able to stimulate glutathione, thus increasing the defenses of the immune system and respiratory tract”, advises the expert. raise awareness among Italians and disseminate the practical advice of the guide “Summer, I’m ready” (available online at – two exceptional ambassadors also take the field, such as the TV presenter and radio speaker Rudy Zerbi and the presenter television show Caterina Balivo. “I am very honored that Zambon Italia has chosen me as ambassador of ‘Summer, I’m ready’ – comments Zerbi – as I am convinced that the priority for Italians, at this moment, is to be able to spend a ‘ healthy summer, protecting yourself and others. I will personally commit myself to ensure that this important message reaches as many people as possible ”. “Allowing people to breathe well has always been at the center of Zambon’s research and innovation in the field of respiratory diseases – says Paola Castellani, Chief Medical Officer and R&D Head of Zambon – but we know how alongside science it is also necessary to promote information, to ensure conscious behavior and encourage prevention. So we decided to promote the national campaign ‘Protect your lungs’, with the aim of raising awareness among Italians to keep their guard up against Covid-19, both before and after the vaccine, and to promote all those behaviors, simple precautions and small tricks that can help increase the defenses of the respiratory tract ”, he concludes.



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