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Bracco among the protagonists of the Health Week at Expo Dubai


The future starts here. The Bracco Group, as Official Gold Sponsor of the Italy Pavilion, will be among the protagonists of the Health and Wellness Week, one of the 10 thematic exhibitions of Expo 2020 Dubai. And it will do so by inviting us to ‘look beyond’, with some important initiatives aimed at enhancing the Italian research model in the life sciences sector. Under the title #BeyondLifeSciences, the Group led by Diana Bracco, global leader in the diagnostic imaging sector, will turn the spotlight of the global agora of the Universal Exposition on the latest discoveries in medical research and scientific innovation, presenting cutting-edge solutions in the field of health, safety and prevention, starting from the application of artificial intelligence to diagnostic imaging. The Bracco Group talks about the future of predictive medicine and intelligent imaging (VIDEO)

“Expo 2020 Dubai reaffirmed the centrality of life sciences in the current economic and social context and the need to move in a collaborative, public-private, and multilateral approach. Our partnership with the Bracco Group allows us to bring the Italian model, in some respects unique, of science and competence, into the debate and comparison of experiences that we have been hosting and animating in recent months “, said the Commissioner General for ‘Italy at Expo Dubai, Paolo Glisenti. On January 31 Diana Bracco, as president of the Alisei National Cluster, will open the first edition of the Global Health & Innovation Forum, organized by Alisei at Expo 2020 Dubai, which sees the participation of speakers internationally renowned institutions and scientists such as: Maria Cristina Messa, Minister of University and Research and Sara Al Amiri, Minister of Science and Advanced Technology UAE and Maria Cristina Russo, Director of Global approach & International cooperation in R&I, European Commission. Keynote speaker will be Professor Sir Mark Caulfield, CEO of Barts Life Sciences, Queen Mary University of London, who will speak on “Precision Medicine – transforming healthcare” together with Ilaria Capua, Director One Health Center of Excellence, University of Florida. During the second part of the Forum, a round table will be held with other eminent speakers such as: Paola Testori Coggi, T20 Italy, Global health & Covid Task Force, Lorenzo Wittum, representative of B20 Italy, Health & Life Sciences Task Force and Smita Srinivas, National Center for Biological Sciences, Tata Research Institute, India “We all know that after the Covid-19 pandemic the world has changed profoundly,” said Diana Bracco, president of the Alisei Cluster and Group President and CEO. “Facing the crisis was an unprecedented health and social challenge, which had very high human and economic costs, but which also represented a turning point, finally putting health at the center of the social and economic planning of the future at national level and Our international meeting – underlined Bracco – aims to offer a platform to jointly discuss the progress of science and technology in the medical field and their crucial role in promoting the sustainability and resilience of health systems, both in advanced and developing countries “. “The challenge now – he continues – is not to stop by initiating a profound change of mentality in the way we all look at research and healthcare. I remember – concludes Diana Bracco -” that Alisei’s intent is to transform the Global Forum in an annual event to periodically take stock of the new frontiers of innovation in the field of Health & Life Sciences “. On 1 February, again in the Italian Pavilion of Expo 2020 Dubai, the Arab Emirates, Israel and our country organized a another important event dedicated to the theme “Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity for human health” which will be attended by, among others, the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, the Minister of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy of the United Arab Emirates Omar Sultan Al Olama, and Israeli Minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz An opportunity for discussion on crucial issues such as the geopolitical impact on the security of health data and how to have technical AI technologies that are fair, ethical and safe at the service of human needs. As part of this international meeting, the Bracco Group has organized a workshop dedicated to intelligent imaging which will be attended by an exceptional expert: the American professor Charles Kahn. During the works, ‘AIforCOVID’ will also be illustrated, the multi-center non-profit research project carried out by Bracco Imaging and the Italian Diagnostic Center, the healthcare facility of the Group led by Diana Bracco. A project aimed at predicting, thanks to the AI-for-COVID Imaging Archive database which already contains thousands of radiological exams and which is available to the entire international scientific community, the clinical evolution of the Covid-19 disease. artificial applied to diagnostic imaging, the project is allowing doctors and healthcare professionals to have a database of radiographic images of Covid patients, useful for understanding the course of the disease in advance, allowing personalized and more timely therapies. The data analysis takes place thanks to algorithms developed in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) of Genoa and with the Campus Bio-medico University of Rome. AI-for-COVID Imaging Archive ( has collaborated from the very beginning with important public and private clinical and research centers including: Irccs Ca ‘Granda Foundation Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico (Milan), Foundation Irccs Policlinico San Matteo (Pavia), Careggi University Hospital (Florence), Asst Santi Paolo e Carlo (Milan), Asst Fatebenefratelli-Sacco (Milan), Asst San Gerardo Hospital (Monza) and Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza Hospital (SGRotondo) “Radiological imaging is playing a crucial role in diagnosing Covid-19 patients and in determining treatment options,” explains Sergio Papa, director of diagnostic imaging at the Italian Diagnostic Center. “In practice, thanks to radiomics, which together with genomics represent a new frontier of personalized medicine, we have made a concrete contribution in the fight against the pandemic in progress. Our AI-for-COVID project allows, among other things, to give a further impetus to the development of studies on the pathology induced by Covid, in particular on the damage caused to the lungs, and to the implementation of measures aimed at the protection of individuals. which, given the coexistence of previous pathologies, are more susceptible to an aggravation “.” The joint effort of the hospitals of the network coordinated by Cdi-Bracco Imaging has made it possible in a very short time to transfer the information acquired in the field into an extremely powerful AI system “, says Lorenzo Preda, director of the radiology complex of the Irccs Policlinico San Matteo Foundation in Pavia. “The project is commendable because it made it possible to put at the service of the radiological scientific community an instrument with a large number of data from large Italian centers engaged in the management of the pandemic”, says Annalisa Simeone, director of the radiology complex of the Irccs Casa Relief of Suffering in San Giovanni Rotondo. “In the pandemic, the role of the radiologist and of radiological imaging techniques, in particular X-ray and CT, has proved essential,” says Michaela Cellina, radiologist at the Fatebenefratelli Sacco in Milan. “In the scenario in which we found ourselves to act, with overcrowded emergency rooms, and very long technical times to obtain the results of the swabs, radiological imaging represented the first tool, and a fundamental tool, to establish the diagnosis and management of the The commitment of radiologists in this emergency has been commendable and the development of multicentre studies with data sharing and direct clinical experience has markedly accelerated the development of effective weapons to fight this ongoing battle. “During Health Week and Wellness, which includes numerous other events and conferences dedicated to the medicine of the future, nutraceuticals and wellness & nutrition, visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai will also have the opportunity to admire “The Beauty of Imaging” in the exhibition path of the Italian Pavilion, the large multimedia installation of the Bracco Group. An imaginative portal that offers a rich journey through the latest diagnostics innovations. Designed and built for Bracco by the Giò Forma, Mauro Belloni and Cromazoo studio, “The Beauty of Imaging” is accessible from the ground floor, next to the vegetable gardens, and allows you to discover the beauty of the human body seen from the inside. The live broadcast of the Health Innovation Global Forum, on January 31st at 11 am



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