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Covid today Italy, less infections and intensive but more hospitalizations and deaths: the point


Covid in Italy, the point according to Gimbe: infections, deaths, hospitalizations. In the week from 19 to 25 January, compared to the previous one, there was a slight decrease in new cases of Covid-19 (1,197,970 vs 1,243,789, -3.7%) and patients in intensive care (1,691 vs 1,715, -1.4%), however, against an increase in deaths (2,519, of which 141 referring to previous periods, vs 2,266, + 11.2%) and hospitalized in the medical area with symptoms (20,037 vs 19,448, +3 %). The currently positives (2,689,262 vs 2,562,156, + 5%) and people in home isolation (2,667,534 vs 2,540,993, + 5%) are also growing, according to independent monitoring by the Gimbe Foundation. “After 13 consecutive weeks of increase – declares the president Nino Cartabellotta – on the front of the new cases there is a slight decrease: 1.2 million, with a reduction” in fact “of 3.7% compared to the previous week, and a moving average at 7 days which drops from 178,332 cases on January 19th to 171,139 on January 18th (-4%) “. We are therefore witnessing “an initial descent of the national curve, conditioned” however by very heterogeneous regional situations, by different trends for the various age groups as well as by a reduction in the number of tampons, both antigenic and molecular: in particular, for the latter, the positivity rate is slightly up “. Collapse of new vaccinated in 7 days (-31%) Collapse of new vaccinated against Covid-19 in the last 7 days. In the week from 19 to 25 January they were 355,309, almost 31% less than the 514,324 of the previous week, again according to the Gimbe Foundation. Of the newly vaccinated, 43.9% is represented by children in the 5-11 age group, a sharp decline compared to the previous week (155,997, -35.6%). And despite the recent introduction of compulsory vaccination, the new vaccinated over 50s drop to 96,957 (-25.6%). In particular, for this age group, the 7-day moving average of new vaccinated people, after reaching a peak of 19,879 on January 15, dropped to 13,851 on January 25. In the 5-11 year range, after the peak of 38,624 recorded on January 9, the share of new vaccinated people stabilized and then began a decline to 22,285 on January 25, “inevitably also linked to the postponement of vaccination bookings for students in isolation. “, analyze the report. In a slight but progressive decline, both the 12-19 and 20-49 age groups. As of January 18 – Gimbe points out – there are still 7.8 million people without even a dose of vaccine: 2.58 million in the 5-11 age group and 724 thousand in the 12-19 age group, which affect the safety of schools, in addition to 2 millions of over 50s at high risk of serious illness, “the real Achilles heel – warns the Foundation – that feeds hospitalizations in the medical area and in intensive care”. Gimbe: “Stop colors and tracing but other proposals are unacceptable. Regions” “The overcoming of the color system and the suspension of contact tracing are good.” On the other hand, the revision of the measures relating to health surveillance and in schools, the isolation of workers from essential services and the classification of Covid admissions “. Thus the Gimbe Foundation which, in its independent monitoring of the weekly progress of the Sars-CoV-2 epidemic, dedicates a chapter to the simplification proposals addressed by the Regions to the Government. Advanced proposals “despite the fact that we still find ourselves in a scenario characterized by high circulation of the virus and strong pressure on hospitals, with heavy repercussions on assistance to non-Covid patients”, observes Nino Cartabellotta, president of Gimbe, and on which the The Foundation conducted “an analysis to assess its consistency with scientific evidence and practical feasibility.” “Overcoming the color system of risk zones: a fully acceptable proposal”, according to Gimbe, “for three reasons. First of all, there are currently no differences between the white and yellow zones, and for the orange zone the (few) restrictive rules apply exclusively to unvaccinated people; secondly, the Regions can increase the number of Covid-19 beds to avoid areas with more intense colors, but determining significant consequences in terms of lack of assistance to patients with other pathologies; finally, it is appropriate that the Regions establish areas and red, even local, in relation to the circulation of the virus, hospital overload and delays in care in non-Covd patients “. Also the” suspension of contact tracing in the current epidemiological context of high incidence for the Omicron variant, in order to concentrating energy and resources for a more effective fight against the virus “, according to the Foundation is a” shareable proposal because, with the current number of positives, contact tracing is neither sustainable nor feasible, nor does it contribute effectively to slow growth of cases “.


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