NewsHealthDelta variant, Sileri: "Numbers increase and increase"

Delta variant, Sileri: “Numbers increase and increase”


On the Delta variant of the coronavirus in Italy, the prevalence numbers “have increased and will continue to increase, it will tend to replace the English variant also in Italy as in the United Kingdom. Our task is to slow down the speed of diffusion and strengthen the tracking to limit cases, but a few weeks from now the percentages are destined to increase. In the meantime, the slowdown must allow a more rapid vaccination with the second doses so that this variant does not cause damage ”. Pierpaolo Sileri, Undersecretary of Health, guest of Timeline, told Sky TG24. “For those who have the second dose – he added – the clinical effects of this variant are limited. We continue to observe what happens in the United Kingdom, which is ahead of us in this experience, to take the necessary measures ”. Read also The delay in monitoring the variants stopped at 18 “should be asked to the Cabinet of the Ministry of Health”, continues Sileri. “I myself pointed out in early January that this search for variants and this surveillance had to be strengthened. Professor Palù of the Aifa had already written down a project, and for months I have been soliciting this project which has found funding for a few weeks and is starting. The slowness of these months is the sole responsibility of the cabinet of the Ministry of Health. From 8 January 2021 it was ready and starts only today ”, he concludes.



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